HILTONAIRES Ska-Motion In Ska-Lip-So

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This curious LP jumped out at me when I discovered it at a local bookshop. I'm usually pretty suspect of "tourist" LPs, but these guys looked interesting, and the album had some great song titles. I was not let down, for here is Jamaican mento recorded in 1965 when first wave ska was the craze. It was an education for me, as I was not terribly familiar with this wonderful genre, which is referred to in Jamaica as "country music", and in some ways is to Reggae what American country music is to Rock. For more about this album and mento music in general, please visit the site below:

Click here to visit www.mentomusic.com


1. Ska-Motion
2. Bollo-Man
3. Chiney Baby
4. Ska And Fall Back
5. Jack-Ass
6. Jamaica
7. Shame And Scandal
8. The Dove
9. Seven Bells
10. Ethiopia
11. Tom Dooley
12. Parson And All

*download here*


Duncanmusic said...

I've been saying it for years...Reggae is just country from another country. Cool collection. I love these 'tourist' LPs. Thanks

hearth_music said...

LOVE this LP! Thanks for uncovering it for us. It's the first time I've heard "Tom Dooley" without wanting to throw the hell up.

darknet⊕ said...