Friday, January 4, 2013

The music of the Bailes Brothers has endured since it was first recorded and has been treasured by collectors and fans of early country. It therefore pleases me greatly to share some rare gems from my collection with all of you good folks out in the blogosphere.
The first four tracks in this collection are the two 78s the Bailes recorded for King in 1946 (King 752 and 753, released in 1947). I believe the group consisted of Walter and Johnny at this time. The remaining eight tracks are from an interesting little 33⅓ rpm EP on the "Loyal" label, with the address "Box 586, Birmingham, Alabama." The label credits brothers Walter and Kyle and this makes sense as Walter was in Birmingham in 1960's where he was an evangelist and singer on radio. Although the EP is probably from those years, everything about it would have been archaic at the the time, including the performing style, the fidelity and the pressing quality. Despite the lo-fi nature of the recordings I find them as enjoyable as any vintage Bailes Brothers material and they should be a welcome addition to anyone's collection.

If you are unfamiliar with the Bailes Brothers' story click here for a biography.


1. Broken Marriage Vows
2. Everybody Knew The Truth But Me
3. Something Got Hold Of Me
4. Down The Valley Of The Shadow
5. Ashamed To Own The Blessed Saviour
6. I Have Dusted Off The Bible
7. The Light In The Sky
8. There's A Hand Writing On The Wall
9. We're Living In The Last Days Now
10. I've Got My One Way Ticket To The Sky
11. The Drunkard's Grave
12. All The Way

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Armin said...

Great stuff. Many thanks.

Armin from Germany

Joe said...

Hey Lonesome Lefty - thanks for a great New Year's gift! I have always enjoyed the Bailes Brothers - great song writing and an intensity of performance (one of the few bands that could consistently pull off in the studio the same edge they had in their live performances).

Paco's brother said...

Many thanks, I don't know the Bailes Brothers and I'm so happy to discover so good musicians.
Happy new year LL.

iggy said...

Thanks so much, Lonesome. Nice music from a very nice blogger. All the best,


George said...

Absolutely spectacular. Thanks!