Friday, May 27, 2016

Another great LP featuring the classic 1960s Stoneman Family lineup, including fiddle whiz Scotty, is budget issue on Liberty's Susset imprint. Issued in 1968, it is comprised of recordings of a 1964 performance in Hollywood. All in all a nice companion to the previously posted Starday album, both of which highlight the unique take on Bluegrass the Stonemans presented to appreciative audiences during the 1960s folk revival.


1. Big Ball In Monterey
2. Little Maggie
3. Dominique
4. The Girl I Left In Tennessee
5. Lost Ball In The High Weeds
6. Groundhog
7. Take Me Home
8. Darlin' Corey
9. Dark As A Dungeon
10. Fire On The Mountain

*download here*


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