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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bill Long was a country singer who despite being born in New Mexico had a substantial career in Canada. It is written that early on he worked at times with both Clayton McMichen and Red Foley, but it was at station CHCH in Hamilton, Ontario, that he seems to have had his greatest success. In addition to the album shown here, recorded for Toronto's Arc label around 1965, he left behind a scattering of 1950's 78's on the Capitol, London, King (pressed by Quality in Canada), Arrow and Sparton labels.
This post features as many of these 1950's tracks as I could locate, plus all the tunes from the Arc LP. The earliest of these feature accompaniment by the "Ranch Girls", some feature the "Mainstreeters" (no doubt the band from CHCH's "Main Street Jamboree"), and the LP features backing from such Arc mainstays as Mickey McGivern and Ollie Strong. Of special note is the "Ranch Of The Golden Rule" where Bill is joined by "the Yonge Street Children's Choir". It has been noted that Long hosted a Sunday children's TV show, and it is to be imagined that is the origin of this number.
I really enjoy his interpretations of Canadian classics such as "Memories That Never Die", "Blue Canadian Rockies" and Buddy Reynold's "Spruce Bug" and "Little Shoes". Despite being American, he had a real feel for the Canadian country repetoire. "What A Waste (Of A Good Corn Likker)", popularized by Mac Wiseman, was also written by Canadian Slim Gordon. I don't believe there has been a CD compiling Bill Long's work, so I hope this post fills the void.

Includes jacket and label scans for the Arc LP, as well as scans of the 78 labels where available.

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1. Call Of The Mountain
2. I Couldn't Think Of Anything To Write
3. What A Waste (Of A Good Corn Likker)
4. Your Daddy Is A Railroad Man
5. Little Shoes
6. Memories That Never Die
7. Candy Coated Apples And A Lem'n An' Lime
8. Relax, Relax, Relax
9. Ranch Of The Golden Rule
10. Blue Canadian Rockies
11. Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
12. One Has My Name
13. Mind Your Own Business
14. Across The Wires
15. One Fallen Leaf
16. No One Will Ever Know
17. Spruce Bug
18. The Love That You Give
19. This Ole House
20. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
21. Send Me The Pillow
22. If Jesus Came To Your House

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CAFÉ DE PARIS 24 Accordion Classics

Through the years, I have become rather partial to Parisian bal-musette music. This collection of tracks recorded 1930-1941 is a fantastic introduction to a wonderful genre that should be heard more widely. The following online review says it best:

CAFE DE PARIS brings together traditional French songs (with accordion prominenly featured) from the 1930s and '40s. Songs by Edith Piaf, Jean Gabin, and Emile Vacher are included on this charming, nostalgic collection.

Take a trip back in time to pre-World War II era Paris, where intellectuals, artists, bon vivants, bourgeoisie, dandys, military, socialists, fascists all mixed together in the cafes and clubs of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The presence of the accordion in these recordings is a French trademark, harkening back to an era when the pace of life was slower, but the subtext of angst became the predictor of the turbulent years that would mark the end of the decade and continue into the next. Features songs from the legendary Edith Piaf, Emile Vacher, Jean Gabin, Gus Viseur, Freres Peguri, Damia and many more.


1. Gus Viseur-Flambee Montalbanaise(Valse Swing)
2. Edith Piaf-L'accordeoniste
3. Medard Ferrero & Ses Clochards-El Ferrero
4. Les Freres Peguri-Enivrante
5. Michael Warlop Orchestre-Strange Harmony
6. Emile Vacher-Mado
7. Gus Viseur-Matelotte
8. Jean Gabin-Quand On Se Promene
9. Emile Vacher-Sporting Java
10. Tony Murena Et Ensemble-Pepee
11. Damia-La Guinguette A Ferme Ses Volets
12. Gus Viseur-Swing Valse
13. Guerino & Son Orchestre-Brise Napolitaine
14. Orchestre Musette Victor(Boris Sarbeck)-Coeur Vagabond
15. Tony Murena Ensemble-Nostalgia Gitana
16. Gus Viseur-Soir De Dispute
17. Quartette Swing Emile Carrara-Le Charmeur De Serpents
18. Medard Ferrero & Ses Clochards-Les Triolets
19. Guerino & Son Orchestre-Gallito
20. Gus Viseur-Swing 39
21. Emile Prud'homme Orchestre-Pinsonnette
22. Gus Viseur-Rosetta
23. Tony Murena Ensemble-Melancolie
24. Gus Viseur Et Son Ensemble-Jeannette

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ALBERTA SLIM with the Bar X Ranch Boys

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eric C. "Alberta Slim" Edwards (1910-2005) is another one of the great Canadian country pioneers who should not be forgotten. He was an early radio star, and was a fixture in western Canada at rodeos and fairs (he never played bars). Performing in a style inspired by Wilf Carter (yet distinctive and unique), he began recording in 1948, his releases appearing on RCA Victor's 55-0000 Bluebird Series, as well as having records issued on Gavotte, Sparton, and Point.
Although born in England, he migrated to western Canada with his parents as a young boy, and spent his youth homesteading, eventually drifting away from home via the boxcars, and entertaining for tips on street corners. A fellow musician who called himself Alberta Slim joined the army in 1939, leaving Edwards some shirts emblazoned with the name. Rather than remove it, he began performing with the handle himself, and continued to do so up until two years before his death at age 95.
I'm always glad to turn up and present recordings which prove there were songs extolling the virtues of our country in the days before the great Stompin' Tom, and that baby boomers did not invent "distinctly Canadian" music. This post collects the content of his two RCA Camden LPs, plus two tracks from volumes one and two of the "Canadian Country Jamboree" collections, also on RCA Camden. The tracks from the first LP (CAL-699, 1962) as well as the CCJ comps (CAL-677, 1962 and CAL-992, 1966) are earlier recordings from the 78 era, while the final album, "Canada, My Homeland" (CAL-2113, 1967) presents tunes newly recorded during the centennial year.

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Includes jacket and label scans.

Thanks to Andyrama for the use of CAL-2113 to transfer.


1. New Canadian Polka
2. Treasure You Can't Buy
3. It All Seems To Happen To Me
4. I'm Lonesome For Mommy Tonight
5. Sitting On A Hill Top
6. Little Tin Cowboy
7. When You Play Your Last Card
8. Red River Two Step
9. When The Good Lord Knocks On Your Door
10. Red River Waltz
11. Tears Of Shame
12. North Of The Border
13. Canada,My Homeland
14. The Calgary Stampede
15. Canada Land Of The Free
16. Call Of The Cariboo
17. The Laura Secord Story
18. Beautiful British Columbia
19. Red River Valley Two Step
20. Canadian Sunset
21. When It's Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley
22. My Home By The Fraser

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CARL MANN The Sun Story

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tennessee born Carl Mann was only sixteen years old when he had a minor hit with his version of "Mona Lisa" in 1959. Although the influence of fellow Sun pianists Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich can be heard, Mann's style is unique, and very catchy.
This 1977 LP collects twelve of his Sun recordings, and as bonus I have added his cover of the Hank Williams classic "Take These Chains From My Heart" from a 1980's Plantation budget cassette.

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1. Mona Lisa
2. Too Young
3. Kansas City
4. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
5. Baby I Don't Care
6. Blueberry Hill
7. Ubangi Stomp
8. South Of The Border
9. Crazy Fool
10. Pretend
11. Mexicali Rose
12. Rockin' Love
13. Take These Chains From My Heart

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SONS OF THE PIONEERS 25 Favorite Cowboy Songs

Friday, April 10, 2009

A little while ago I featured a post by the Farr Brothers which included two tracks drawn from this album. Upon listening to the LP, which comes to us via courtesy of our good buddy Andyrama, I was so impressed I decided to feature it in it's entirety. Recorded in 1956, it features the classic Sons of the Pioneers sound, unlike some of the later 60's LPs. The album features 25 tracks, but being well before the K-Tel era, the songs tend to clock around 1:30 to 2:00. For 1956 this makes it almost like a concept album! Despite the quick durations, this album has some exceptional performances ("Along the Santa Fe Trail" being a personal favourite) and I hope you all enjoy.

Includes jacket and label scans


1. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
2. Press Along To The Big Corral
3. Wind
4. Bunkhouse Bugle Boy
5. Home On The Range
6. La Borachita
7. Timber Trail
8. Happy Cowboy
9. Cowboy Lament
10. Pajarillo Barrenquero
11. So Long To The Red River Valley
12. Come And Get It
13. Cool Water
14. Curly Joe From Idaho
15. Cowboy's Dream
16. Along The Santa Fe Trail
17. The Last Round-up
18. Farr Away Stomp
19. Red River Valley
20. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
21. Sweet Betsy From Pike
22. Slow Moving Cattle
23. Texas Stomp
24. Yellow Rose Of Texas
25. The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma

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T. TEXAS TYLER 4 Star Recordings

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

David Luke Myrick (1916-1972), professionally known as "T. Texas Tyler" was exceedingly popular on the West Coast during the postwar years. A unique and engaging performer, he made many records during this period for Wm. McCall's 4 Star label in Pasadena. These recordings have endeared Tyler to generations of listeners, as they were extensively re-issued through the fifties and sixties as fodder for a slew of "budget" LPs. At one point, there was hardly a country cheapie comp issued that did not contain at least one track by him.
This post features 51 tracks recorded by 4 Star, although some were originally released through other labels such as Decca for wider distibution. They have been transferred from 78s, electrical transcriptions, and of course dimestore LPs on labels like Design, Hilltop, etc. Of particular interest is a promo 78 which features a spoken message from Tyler to plug his personal appearances, and some rare gospel tracks from 10", 33⅓ rpm discs that 4 Star sent to radio stations in place of heavy, breakable 78s. I have tried to use the best source available for each track.

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A Beautiful Life, A Boy And A Girl, A Million Tear Drops, Bumming Around, Careless Love, Country Boy, Courtin' In The Rain, Cowboy's Prayer, Cry-Baby Heart, Dad Gave My Dog Away, Deck Of Cards, Did You Ever Go Sailing, Farther Along, Filipino Baby, Fireman's & Engineer's Ball, Go On And Sweep Around Me, God Put A Rainbow In The Sky, Golden Wrist Watch, He Remembered Me, Hot Rod Rag, I Ain't Got A Lick Of Sense, I Tickled Her Under The Chin, If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again, In The Sweet Bye And Bye, Just Out Of Reach, Kiss Me Like Crazy, Let's Get Married, Light Hearted Guy, My Bucket's Got A Hole In It, Nothing At All, Oklahoma Hills, Old Blue, Personal Announcement for Appearance, Praise The Lord, Pretender, Remember Me, River Girl, Shake My Mother's Hand For Me, She Wouldn't Do For You, Since I Gave My Heart To Jesus, Tattler's Wagon, Ten-Ten-Tennessee Line, That Beautiful Picture, That's What You Mean To Me, The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old, The Old Country Church, The Old Hymns Mother Used To Sing, The Scratchin' Itch, Tired Of It All, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, You've Got To Live Your Religion Every Day

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HILTONAIRES Ska-Motion In Ska-Lip-So

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This curious LP jumped out at me when I discovered it at a local bookshop. I'm usually pretty suspect of "tourist" LPs, but these guys looked interesting, and the album had some great song titles. I was not let down, for here is Jamaican mento recorded in 1965 when first wave ska was the craze. It was an education for me, as I was not terribly familiar with this wonderful genre, which is referred to in Jamaica as "country music", and in some ways is to Reggae what American country music is to Rock. For more about this album and mento music in general, please visit the site below:

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1. Ska-Motion
2. Bollo-Man
3. Chiney Baby
4. Ska And Fall Back
5. Jack-Ass
6. Jamaica
7. Shame And Scandal
8. The Dove
9. Seven Bells
10. Ethiopia
11. Tom Dooley
12. Parson And All

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JACK TEAGARDEN A Teagarden Party

Another budget CD I've had for many years, this features twelve great 1930's recordings by one of my favourite jazz entertainers ever. As with the previous post, there's really not much I can say other than this is truly great music. Enjoy!

Click here for more Jack Teagarden tunes @ Red Hot Jazz


1. Muddy River Blues
2. Wolverine Blues
3. You Rascal You
4. Love Me
5. I Just Couldn't Take It Baby
6. A Hundred Years From Today
7. Blue River
8. Ol' Pappy
9. Fare-Thee-Well To Harlem
10. Stars Fell On Alabama
11. Junk Man
12. Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

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FATS WALLER Have A Little Dream On Me

This is a CD I picked up several years ago featuring ten great Waller tracks recorded in 1934. It begins with Waller's classic recording of "Honeysuckle Rose" and continues on with more obscure but great titles. "A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid" is one of my particular favourites. There's really not to much else to say - Fats was one of the greatest!

Click here for a bio and more tunes by Fats Waller


1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. I Wish I Were Twins
3. Armfull O' Sweetness
4. Do Me A Favor
5. A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid
6. Georgie May
7. Then I'll Be Tired Of You
8. Don't Let It Bother You
9. Serenade For A Wealthy Widow
10. Have A Little Dream On Me

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