GAETAN POIRIER French Canadian Fiddling

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have always loved this album of traditional French Canadian style fiddling, complete with foot tapping, despite having no knowledge about M. Poirier whatsoever. All I know is that the album was released in 1973 on Buckshot, which was a product of Jack Boswell's Paragon/Marathon/Condor family of labels. The original issue number on LP was BT-9006, but the present transfer of this rarity comes from the 8-Track edition, 8T-9006.
The liner notes (from the LP, a text file of which is enclosed in the download) state M. Poirier hailed from St. Hubert Compté Temis Kuata, Québec. Though no session credits are included, I strongly suspect the great Canadian champion fiddler Graham Townsend is playing the piano on this album, he may well have produced it besides. Townsend produced many LPs for Boswell during this period, and upon careful listening I find many traits of his distinctive piano accompaniment style to be present.
A few of these tracks have popped up on Canadian fiddle compilations through the years, but the complete original album has become yet another obscure Canadian classic. I hope this post goes it's small way in keeping Canada's vast musical traditions alive.

Incidentally, if you are interested in owning, like myself, an 8-Track copy of this rare album, online retailer "8 Track Shack" has it:

Click here to see listing for "Gaetan Poirier, French Canadian Fiddling"

The same retailer also has an 8 Track copy of an album previously featured at the attic:

Click here to see listing for "Eddie Poirier, Fiddling in the Irish, Scottish & Cape Breton Style"


1. Noranda Mine Worker's Reel
2. Macamic Reel
3. My Sister's Reel
4. Hangman's Reel
5. Pointe Au Pic Reel
6. Ste. Isidore Reel
7. Mocking Bird Hill
8. Mountaineer's Reel
9. Winter Carnival Reel
10. The Girl I Left Behind
11. Liverpool Hornpipe
12. Smash The Window

*download here*


mrmeadowlark said...

Glad to see you back Lefty.... however am having trouble downloading this particular file... have downloaded a few others tonight just fine.... would appreciate any help, and thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

This album is so good. He has really wonderful rhythm and timing.

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