Monday, January 9, 2012

From 1965 comes "Sing a Song" (Banff RBS 1242). It includes nine tunes composed by Mac as well as the traditional Irish song "The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door". Of particular note is the tribute to then-recently departed fiddler Ward Allen, "Maple Sugar Blues" and a great ode to classic Canadian fiddle culture, "The Old Tyme Fiddler's Dream."
Between this release and "25th Anniversary", Mac and the Melodiers released two other LPs. "Instrumental Favourites" (Banff RBS 1261) from 1966 featured instrumentals by Melodiers Jim Mayhew (piano) and Al Utronki (guitar). "Thru The Years" (Banff RBS 1282) was comprised of standards such as "Love Letters In The Sand" and "A Shanty In An Old Shanty Town"; it contained no Beattie originals.

Includes jacket and label scans.


1. Sing A Song
2. Just A Little While Ago
3. The Turkey's End
4. Could It Have Been Heaven
5. Rockabye Waltz
6. Maple Sugar Blues
7. The Old Tyme Fiddler's Dream
8. Tonight At My Table All Alone
9. Swingin' At The Hotel Renfrew
10. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door

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pwd said...

Mac is such an engaging singer, you should post the albums of covers he did.

These albums are really great

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Lonesome Lefty said...

I'd love to post the albums of covers, but I've never been able to find a copy! If either it or the instrumentals LP ever turn up, you bet I'll post them!

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lastivka said...

Thanks!, I really enjoyed these songs.