Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Courtesy of the Attic's new friend DJ Dannyjazz comes this transfer of a rare Canadian country album, recorded for Art Snider's Canatal label in 1964. Notes on the back slick are as follows:

On this LP, CANATAL records presents the Seibert Brothers, "Sons of the Saddle" group, a unit that has often been referred to as Canada's number one country and western band.
The band was formed in Calgary in 1950, and since that time has made a strong bid for recognition in the top circles of entertainment. For the next five years, the boys entertained in and around Calgary, in Radio, and dance work. Hereafter, the C.B.C. called them to Winnipeg to take over the chores on "Saddle Songs", a weekly TV and Radio Show.
Three years later, the band moved to Toronto and the night club circuit, where they became a success in the medium in the Toronto and Hamilton area, and as far south and west as the State of Nevada.
At the present time, the band is appearing in Toronto at the well-known El Mocambo Tavern and Supper Club. Here the boys have had a record breaking engagement of nearly two years.
For this album, the group picked a dozen numbers that have all at one time or another made the country and western hit parade.
The band now consists of Lenny, Vic, and Gene Siebert, Johnny Allen, Lucky Ambeault, and vocalist Diana Leah

Thanks once again to DJ Dannyjazz for sharing this great album!

Includes front and back jacket scans.


1. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
2. Big River
3. Nova Scotia Home
4. One More Ride
5. Jimmy Martinez
6. Cattle Call
7. Have A Drink On Me
8. I'll Be Lonesome When You're Gone
9. Little Boy Lost
10. Heartaches By The Number
11. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
12. Crazy Arms

*download here*


lizard johnny jewel said...

I'm visiting your blog for the first time this very day, via the Record Fiend blog, and I just wanted to say "what a lovely place you've got here."

I'm listening to The Hachey Brothers and Mary Lou even as I type.


I think I'll be popping in frequently, if you don't mind.

Paco's brother said...

Very fine blog, a style of music I didn't know very much but after visiting your site I am enthousiast!
Thanks from France

Lonesome Lefty said...

Thanks for the kind remarks, folks...
...and why certainly, lizard johnny, drop in as often as you'd like!

waxhound said...

You can see a video of the Sons Of The Saddle from when they used to have their own show on the CBC in Winnipeg here:
I think that's Al Cherny on bass and then fiddle in this clip.

Marc (Canada)


But Johnny Allen is not in this clip. Had he left the group by '57 ?


Piotr LA said...

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