HOMER & JETHRO at the Country Club

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This wonderful album by my perennial favourites, Homer & Jethro, was recorded in November 1959 at the Hillwood Country Club in Nashville on the occasion of the 8th Annual Disc Jockey Convention. Released in January of the next year, it was the duo's first live album. It was also the first to include banter, which was as big a part of their act as music, zany or legit.
This recording is a truly fascinating document of a Nashville long gone, when musicians, producers, deejays, and "industry types" from all over North America (and I suspect the world) pow-wowed in Music City for one wild weekend a year. The backup band is a group of "ringers" headed by legendary saxophonist Boots Randolph. Grandpa Jones, Jim Reeves and Jerry Byrd are in the audience. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!
Includes scans of the excellent jacket, and labels. Each side is a presented as a complete mp3 file.


Side 1 - Introduction, Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyeballs, Let Me Go, Blubber, Fascination, Sixteen Tons, Lullaby of Bird Dog, C-Jam Blues, The Billboard Song

Side 2 - Yaller Rose of Texas, You-All, San Antonio Rose, Battle of Kookamonga, (How Much Is) That Hound Dog in the Window, Skater's Waltz, Hart Brake Motel


the doc said...

thanks for the H&J!! love 'em dearly

Bill said...

This is my favorite Homer and Jethro record. Mine is in pretty bad shape, so thank you very much for this one!--Bill

Roger said...

Any H&J is great - never had this one - many thanks

lesvb said...

Much appreciated!

Aging Child said...

Thank you, Lefty!

At an assisted living home in central Maryland, one of the residents is a former backup singer and vocalist for Patsy Cline. I see this woman almost daily - she's paralyzed in half her body, but still can sing "Crazy" and many other songs of that era beautifully.

I made her a CD of this Homer and Jethro album, and she was delighted - really enjoyed it... and last I saw, was still chuckling.

Thanks again, kind sir!

A. Gene Childe

Mike The Country Musicologist said...

Great album that I'm fortunate to have a copy of. Homer & Jethro were master comedians, but also incredible musicians who played numerous sessions for other artists. There's a good chance that Eddy Arnold might have been in the crowd, as well; I've read that whenever they were doing a live recording that their producer, Chet Atkins, would try to have Eddy sit in the front, because he laughed loud and heartily. Again, great album.

JG said...

Thank you very much for this. I love these guys.


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