R.I.P. STOMPIN' TOM 1936-2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The great Stompin' Tom Connors has passed away. There's not much to say other than what has appeared in the many online obituaries, one of which from the CBC is here.
It was the discovery of Tom's music in my youth that drove me to seek out other vintage Canadian Country Music, especially that which was "distinctly" so. In memory of Tom here is his classic 1971 album "Live at the Horseshoe".


1. Happy Rovin' Cowboy
2. Big Joe Mufferaw
3. Come Where We're At
4. The Green Green Grass of Home No. 2
5. Spin, Spin
6. Muleskinner Blues
7. Horse-Shoe Hotel Song
8. I've Been Everywhere
9. Sudbury Saturday Night
10. Bus Tour To Nashville
11. Luke's Guitar
12. Bud The Spud

*download here*


Anonymous said...

Man, thanks for sharing this. Little anecdote: if you go to the official Stompin' Tom website and look for "fan contributions" under the "Photo album" section, you'll see a little figurine of tom. That was made by a very good friend of mine from Edmonton. We are so lucky to have had Tom in our lives.

Rocky Lane said...

I second Michael's comment. Any chance you have one or two of his "Greatest Hits" type LPs you could post to your blog?


Lonesome Lefty said...

Thanks for the thanks!

Rocky, for a Tom compilation try here:


Rocky Lane said...

Thanks Lonesome ... just what I was lookin' fur!

Chester Proudfoot said...

There are a couple of greatest hits sets on Piratebay.

Thanks, Lonesome - this is a welcome addition.

iggy said...

Really appreciate this one, Lonesome. Look forward to "getting to know" Tom a little bit.


vilstef said...

Stompin' Tom was almost unknown this side of the border. I think he was the most Canadian artist of them all. Stan Rogers is a good second.