Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just wanted to let the folks know that as of today, all the download links of every past post are live. If there is anything in the Scratchy Attic archives that you would like to download, now is the time. Some of the links have been dead for awhile, as Zippyshare deletes inactive files after thirty days. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to check and re-up older posts. If however, there is ever a dead link on something you would like to download, drop me a line and I'll re-up it as soon as possible.
Happy listening!


tamworthted said...

Thanks Lefty for re-activating all your posts. I never realized I'd missed so many wonder albums.

367 said...

many many Thanks !!

Fred Salter said...

You could use mediafire. They give you fifty gigs and I've had stuff on there for years that they have never touched even though downloads are sparce. Zippyshare has that thirty day fault that makes it difficult for anyone to download older music. Wetransfer is also bad that way.