J.E. MAINER And His MOUNTAINEERS 70th Happy Birthday Album

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Brothers J.E. and Wade Mainer, in all their incarnations both together and apart, have always been among my very favourite performers of the old time music of the American south. This homey production on the Blue Jay label was produced in celebration of J.E. Mainer's 70th birthday on July 20, 1968. Present is A.P. and Sarah's daughter, Janette Carter, making this quite the summit of old time royalty! Because each side is a continuous program, both are presented here as a single mp3 file. Below are notes from the original LP:

J. E. Mainer was born in a one-room log cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He has played on 199 radio stations, and appeared in person all over the South, and is one of the best-known exponents of true mountain music. His fame has spread all over the world wherever grass-roots music is enjoyed. Not only have simple folk enjoyed his music, but he has hob-nobbed with celebrities and public figures such as the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He has made hundreds of records, many of which are now collector’s items. His main interest these days is the making of fiddles in his shop, which he sells for $25 to $150. J. E. Mainer was the first to sign a recording contract with BLUE JAY RECORDS, and we are truly happy to have one of the greatest artists of all time with us. Janette Carter, who is now recording with BLUE JAY RECORDS, is also on this album as guest artist. She is the youngest daughter of A. P. and SARAH of the original CARTER FAMILY. She was featured on many of the CARTER FAMILY releases. She plays the autoharp and sings all the CARTER FAMILY songs that have also become collector’s items. BLUE JAY RECORDS considers it an honor to number J. E. MAINER and JANETTE CARTER among our fine artists. We hope this and our other fine recordings bring you hours of listening pleasure. The J. E. Mainer birthday celebration is an annual event with everyone invited to come and bring a picnic lunch. For more information, write to BLUE JAY RECORDS.
E. P. Williams, Owner


1. J.E. Mainer And His Mountaineers-70th Happy Birthday Album-Side 1
Theme, Leather Britches, Storms Are On The Ocean, Diamonds In The Rough, Pig In The Pen
2. J.E. Mainer And His Mountaineers-70th Happy Birthday Album-Side 2
Pig In The Pen, Chinese Breakdown, May I Sleep In Your Barn (Tonight Mister), Wildwood Flower, Ground Hog, Soldiers Joy, Down Yonder, Happy Birthday

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iggy said...

Hi Lefty. Thanks so much for this unique birthday party. Look forward to joining in the proceedings. Best wishes to you.


Glenn Eric said...

Link is dead.