Saturday, May 14, 2016

Good morning! For today's "Starday Saturday" feature, we go back to 1956 for the second LP the label issued, "Hillbilly Hit Parade". The idea seems to have been to combine some of the label's early hits (such as George Jones' "Why Baby Why" and Red Hayes' "A Satisfied Mind") with covers other artists' hits performed by 1950s Starday mainstays George Jones, Leon Payne, Jeanette Hicks, Benny Barnes, and Eddie Noack (credited here as "Eddie Blank"). Ol' George even takes on Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel" as "Thumper Jones", a handle that was used on a few of the possum's forays into rockabilly.

Liner notes are as follows:

Country music has come a long way in recent years. Many believe that so-called hillbilly music spread rapidly in popularity during and after the war. The vast movement of people from place to place resulted in widespread exposure to a sincere type of music that tells a story.
The artists who have helped spread the popularity of country music are too numerous to mention, but certain songs have come to the front. These are the songs that are performed on records, in the home and in juke boxes, on radio, on T.V., in movies, and on stages all over America. These are the songs of the people, This is Americana in every sense of the word.
Starday Records has selected the sixteen most popular country songs of the past few months and they have been recorded by top artists with the sound and arrangement which made the songs so successful.
It would normally cost $16.00 or more to purchase the 16 top country songs on single records. By combining the songs on one record, the top country songs in America are available at less than 1/5th the price that would ordinarily prevail.
It is the public who make the hits and here in one collection are the country hits of today.
Watch for future issues of The Hillbilly Hit Parade on Starday long play records.


DON F. PIERCE, President

Artists and Repertoire


1. George Jones-Why Baby Why
2. Leon Payne-You Are The One
3. Jeanette Hicks-Searching
4. George Jones-Any Old Time
5. George Jones & Jeanette Hicks-I Take The Chance
6. Benny Barnes-Conscience I'm Guilty
7. George Jones-Hold Everything
8. Eddie Noack-I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
9. Leon Payne-Crazy Arms
10. George Jones-You Gotta Be My Baby
11. Benny Barnes-I Walk The Line
12. George Jones-Sweet Dreams
13. Leon Payne-Blackboard Of My Heart
14. Joe ''Red'' Hayes-A Satisfied Mind
15. George Jones-Yes I Know Why
16. Thumper Jones-Heartbreak Hotel

*download here*

>>> A related 1958 LP on the Mercury-Starday label, also titled "Hillbilly Hit Parade" but containing different selections, was previously featured on Scratchy Attic and may still be downloaded, click here. <<<


iggy said...

Hi Lefty, and thanks so much for this delightful "hit parade" from my old Southern neighborhood. Back then as a kid I couldn't stand it; now I love every tune. All good wishes,