Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Originally Starday SLP-138 in 1961, this excellent steel comp was reissued on the budget Nashville label in 1965. When it comes to Starday instrumental collections, you can really never go wrong. Just look at the names, need I say more...

Includes jacket scans.


1. Pete Drake-Star Gazing
2. Jimmie Day-Pushin' Pedals
3. Pete Drake-For Pete's Sake
4. Don Helms-Big News
5. Herbie Remington-Station Break
6. Dick Stubbs-Wired For Sound
7. Al Petty-Steel Guitar Wobble
8. Little Roy Wiggins-Ting A Ling
9. Jimmie Day-Liberty Drive
10. Pete Drake-Southern Sunday
11. Little Roy Wiggins-Wiggins Wiggle
12. Don Helms-Theme Time
13. Pete Drake-Steel After Hours
14. Al Drake-Steel Guitar Special

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Unknown said...

Links for an album caled Earl Heywood - Tales Of the Donnelley Feud , hopefully Mike can do a proper post for this , but til then here you go --

Santo said...

Great stuff. Thanks!

William Hanks said...

Howdy from central Europe :) What a beautiful blog - God bless you and the internet!

FreedomToStay said...

First off I just wanna say love the site. So much incredible stuff to be found here. Also wanted to let you know that this one gets an error message when attempting to download.