HACHEY BROTHERS Pickin' Strings Country Style

Friday, January 13, 2012

Two rare and sought-after albums are featured in this post, the original mono editions of the instrumental "Pickin' Strings" LPs by the Hachey Brothers. Brothers Curly and Bobby Hachey were natives of Atholville, New Brunswick. Performing early on as the "Sunset Playboys", by the fifties they were known as the Hachey Brothers and gained a great deal of exposure performing with Willie Lamothe as his backup band. Bobby Hachey remained with Willie Lamothe for many years and became legendary in Quebec for his virtuosity as a lead guitarist.
"Pickin Strings Country Style" was released in 1958 (Banff RBS 1038, also released as Rodeo International RCW 1009) and although it contains no personnel listings, it pictures left to right Fernand Thibault on tenor banjo (also played violin), Bobby Hachey on mandolin (also played lead electric guitar), Curly Hachey on rhythm guitar and Mary Lou Farrah on upright bass. "Pickin' Strings No. 2" (Banff RBS 1052) is from 1960 and also lists no personnel. The Hachey Brothers and Fernand Thibault appear with Willie Lamothe on the 1960 London LP "Willie LAMOTHE et ses Cavaliers des Plaines" which can be downloaded from Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archive here.

The Hachey Brothers and Mary Lou
"Pickin' Strings Country Style"


1. Panhandle Rag
2. Rippling Water Jig
3. Sugarfoot Rag
4. Guitar Breakdown Boogie
5. Apple Rag
6. Corina
7. A Gay Ranchero
8. San Antonio Rose
9. Spanish Two-Step
10. South
11. Country Gentleman
12. Old Joe Clark

*download here*

The Hachey Brothers
"Pickin' Strings No. 2"


1. Black Mountain Rag
2. Minnitonka Breakdown
3. Dizzy Strings
4. The Old Man And Old Woman
5. Holiday Clog
6. Four String Polka
7. Dakota Reel
8. Torquay
9. Grey Eagle
10. How High The Moon

*download here*


iggy said...

Thanks so much for the Hachey Brothers albums, my friend. Nice way to start the new year. Best to you,


It's All Tunes To Me said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I was looking for the Instrumental of Bobby Hachey (Hachey Brothers and Mary Lou) from way back.(probably the Fifthies) and you have it listed on your site/ blog....but I cannot download it...??? Wish I had that...I am a 2nd cousin of Bobby Hachey