CAFÉ DE PARIS 24 Accordion Classics

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Through the years, I have become rather partial to Parisian bal-musette music. This collection of tracks recorded 1930-1941 is a fantastic introduction to a wonderful genre that should be heard more widely. The following online review says it best:

CAFE DE PARIS brings together traditional French songs (with accordion prominenly featured) from the 1930s and '40s. Songs by Edith Piaf, Jean Gabin, and Emile Vacher are included on this charming, nostalgic collection.

Take a trip back in time to pre-World War II era Paris, where intellectuals, artists, bon vivants, bourgeoisie, dandys, military, socialists, fascists all mixed together in the cafes and clubs of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The presence of the accordion in these recordings is a French trademark, harkening back to an era when the pace of life was slower, but the subtext of angst became the predictor of the turbulent years that would mark the end of the decade and continue into the next. Features songs from the legendary Edith Piaf, Emile Vacher, Jean Gabin, Gus Viseur, Freres Peguri, Damia and many more.


1. Gus Viseur-Flambee Montalbanaise(Valse Swing)
2. Edith Piaf-L'accordeoniste
3. Medard Ferrero & Ses Clochards-El Ferrero
4. Les Freres Peguri-Enivrante
5. Michael Warlop Orchestre-Strange Harmony
6. Emile Vacher-Mado
7. Gus Viseur-Matelotte
8. Jean Gabin-Quand On Se Promene
9. Emile Vacher-Sporting Java
10. Tony Murena Et Ensemble-Pepee
11. Damia-La Guinguette A Ferme Ses Volets
12. Gus Viseur-Swing Valse
13. Guerino & Son Orchestre-Brise Napolitaine
14. Orchestre Musette Victor(Boris Sarbeck)-Coeur Vagabond
15. Tony Murena Ensemble-Nostalgia Gitana
16. Gus Viseur-Soir De Dispute
17. Quartette Swing Emile Carrara-Le Charmeur De Serpents
18. Medard Ferrero & Ses Clochards-Les Triolets
19. Guerino & Son Orchestre-Gallito
20. Gus Viseur-Swing 39
21. Emile Prud'homme Orchestre-Pinsonnette
22. Gus Viseur-Rosetta
23. Tony Murena Ensemble-Melancolie
24. Gus Viseur Et Son Ensemble-Jeannette

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Unknown said...

This is so very charming. Although it is all new to me, it brought forth images of riding a bicycle down a tree-lined country road, steaming espresso on blue-checked oilcloth, a clay-potted red geranium on a sun baked windowsill. I thought I knew what I delightful to discover more!

Tim said...

Thanks for the Gus, bud. Took you long enough (har har!).

See you tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Merci !


d.ross said...

Thanks. I think its great you are branching out. Look forward to the teagarden as well.
I do, however, take exception to the notion that Clyde Moody was a regional artist. That may be because his singing with Wade Mainer is some of my very favorite country music. Shenandoah Waltz was a pretty big hit, though?

thanks for all your hard work,

Slackjack said...

Ah yes, these sounds conjure up such pleasant images. Thank you so much