CARL MANN The Sun Story

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tennessee born Carl Mann was only sixteen years old when he had a minor hit with his version of "Mona Lisa" in 1959. Although the influence of fellow Sun pianists Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich can be heard, Mann's style is unique, and very catchy.
This 1977 LP collects twelve of his Sun recordings, and as bonus I have added his cover of the Hank Williams classic "Take These Chains From My Heart" from a 1980's Plantation budget cassette.

Click here for a biography of Carl Mann


1. Mona Lisa
2. Too Young
3. Kansas City
4. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
5. Baby I Don't Care
6. Blueberry Hill
7. Ubangi Stomp
8. South Of The Border
9. Crazy Fool
10. Pretend
11. Mexicali Rose
12. Rockin' Love
13. Take These Chains From My Heart

*download here*


WESTEX said...

Picked this lp up along with the Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich volumes at a record shop in Abilene back in the mid-90s. Really good series.

Carl Mann's sooo good. People need to make sure they go BUY the Bear Family releases. And go see Carl play if you get the chance.

FWIW... I can't get enough of "Baby I Don't Care" and "Coming Home".

paulomi said...

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binkerbo said...

Progress sucks! Had this on vinyl, ran out of room for vinyl, taped it and sold the vinyl, ran out of room for tapes, currently searching for digital versions, this makes one less, muchas gracias

Unknown said...

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