BOB WILLS Keepsake Album

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This 1965 LP on Dewey Groom's Longhorn label (transferred from a 1980's reissue) features the legendary Bob Wills in a wonderfully relaxed setting, recalling fiddle tunes of his youth with a small group of musicians. As the liner notes state:

This recording was made with one microphone strategically suspended above the group as they sat in the studio reminiscing over several cups of coffee. There wasn't any rehearsal or arrangements and our efforts to capture the spontaneity that goes with this "visit" were a complete success.

Although many of the tunes on the LP have been issued on several budget compilations through the years, I really feel the original uninterrupted program must be heard for full effect. Therefore this transfer is presented as two continuous mp3s for sides one and two.

Includes jacket and label scans.


Side One - Big Taters In The Sandy Land, Mayflower Waltz, Billy In The Low Ground, Beaumont Rag, Faded Love

Side Two - Dian Waltz, Done Gone, Put Your Little Foot, Bob's First Fiddle Tune, Bob's Schottische, Gone Indian, No Disappointments In Heaven

*download here*


B.W. Blackwell said...

Thanks, lefty, for this and several others. Sharing great music of the past is a very honorable pursuit.

All the best.

Uncle Gil said...

Thanks for this one (and the others). Ripping an old vinyl is always a real labor of love.
Keep on the good job!

Dr. Frank Lippenheimer said...

Whoo hoo! This looks good. Thank you so much for sharing this gem. I'm new to your music blog, and I am wowed so far. I hardly know what to download first. Most of these old time records are ones I've never even seen before. And the cover scans are fantastic. This blog goes in my top drawer. Thanks again.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the great posts! I'm gonna keep this short so I can go spin them up!


Rev. bIGhIG said...

Loved Bob Wills forever, even played some of his stuff in a few C/W bands. Probably got 20 or so of his albums ~ but not this one!