Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey folks, Lefty here. Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts of late. Things have been very busy around the old Double L Ranch, and they are probably going to continue to be throughout the summer. I just won't be able to post as much as I'd like. I will, however, try to make the posts I can get together count, with fairly primo stuff. I have been lucky to come into some rather special albums in my travels, and the LP shown here is no exception.
Audio Lab was King Records' attempt at a budget subsidiary, with albums issued between 1959 (the issue date of the present LP) and 1962. They were made up for the most part of back catalog material from the Cincinnati label's vaults, much of it never otherwise issued on long play. King must not have sold these in great volume, as today they are extremely scarce, sought after, and valuable, even in less than perfect condition.
It always astounds me how many avid record collectors neglect to check in on their local thrift shops. Although many of these outings are duds, the gems that can be found at other times can really make up for it. In what is, I suppose, the kind of boasting only fellow record collectors would understand, I am rather proud to relate that I purchased "Time For Prayer" (AL 1518) at a "Bibles For Missions" thrift store in Windsor, Ontario. In an attempt to clear their vinyl stock, they had reduced LPs to three for a quarter (Rose Maddox on Harmony was one of the the other records involved in this purchase). So your pal Lefty's advice, buckaroos and buckarettes, is get out there and scavenge!
I really love this album from start to finish. Some particular points of interest are:
"Jesus Will Save Your Soul" - This track by Tommy Magness features Don Reno and Red Smiley at what I believe is the first session they participated on together.
"John Three Sixteen" - Originally released on 78 as King 1050-AA. The Harlan County Four are actually the Delmore Brothers along with Red Turner and Zeke Turner (no relation). Very cool.
"Little David Play On Your Harp" - Whew, it's the Gospel Ranger hisself!
"I Feel Like Travelling On" - My ears tell me Alton and Rabon Delmore's voices and guitars accompany Clyde Moody on this track. I beleive Clyde was a sometime sub for Merle Travis on Brown's Ferry Four sessions, as was Red Foley.
"Be On Time" - I've been just nuts about Mac O'Dell for a very long time, having grown up with a 78 of "Penicillin". Note harmony by Don Reno, that could even be Don on mandolin (he did, after all, play everything...)
Once again, I appreciate all you good folks patience as the posts get farther apart. Things should pick up in the fall, until then I hope all the followers of this blog have a great summer!

Includes jacket and label scans


1. Tommy Magness-Jesus Will Save Your Soul
2. Harlan County Four-John Three Sixteen
3. Brother Claude Ely-Little David Play On Your Harp
4. Clyde Moody-I Feel Like Traveling On
5. Kitty Mann-Paradise
6. Musical Millers Quartet-I'm On The Battlefield For My Lord
7. Shannon Grayson-I'm Gonna Walk On
8. Trace Family Trio-My Mother's Dying Message
9. Mac Odell-Be On Time
10. J.E.Mainer-Walking For The Lord
11. Cope Brothers-I'll Have A New Life
12. Gurney Thomas-Savior Of The Old Rugged Cross

*download here*


Buster said...

Thanks for this. Like you, I love the old King and Audio Lab records, and don't have this one. Your blog is a really fine one - congrats!

John said...

Just downloading now -- thanks!

Allen`s Archive said...

Little David Play On Your Harp is a mighty powerful tune!!

Dylan Macnab said...

love that album cover!

Andyrama said...


I built a fantastic world music collection with picks out of the bins from that store. Lots of east European stuff. I used to go early and often when I still lived in the area to make sure that I beat you and Jackie to all the good finds! ;-)

Dirk Bill said...

Please, Lord, re-post this! Rise from the dead!