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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Attic's new friend, Bobsluckycat, has kindly supplied these 49 tracks by Jimmie Osborne, whose Audio Lab LP was featured a couple of posts back. He transferred them from the original King LPs in his collection, and states:

These are listed by song title, record number and recording date. Missing B or A sides of any number have never been re-issued outside the original 78rpm and/or 45rpm release. Most were very topical, for the time, which date badly. Some are gospel songs or just missing. A few songs beyond the 49 here in 1954 and 1955 were never re-issued at all and probably only saw very limited release (1000 copies total or less) to fulfill the contract between King and Mr. Osborne which ran 7 years.
Jimmy Osborne was a minor country star, who put out some pleasing recordings, but while he had regional followings, he couldn't latch on to the "Big" one. I don't know why. He was at WLS, KWKH, WLW on their radio & TV shows, but never caught on there. He was mostly a low paid radio D.J. and when his King contract ended at the beginning of the rockabilly/rock-n-roll era, his career was essentially over in country music. When you listen to these songs, the melodies on some may sound familiar. Reason being is while Osborne wrote the lyrics to a lot of his songs, he "borrowed" heavily from previous songs for the melodies. Some more than others.

Many thanks to Bobsluckycat, who's lucky cat, Mr. Lucky, is pictured below!


1. My Heart Echoes (King 715 A) (10-1947)
2. Your Lies Have Broken My Heart (King 715 B) (10-1947)
3. Forever Far Apart (King 725 A) (10-1947)
4. It's So Hard To Smile (King 725 B) (10-1947)
5. Mom Is Dying Tonight (King 736 A) (12-1947)
6. A Vacant Sign Upon My Heart (King 736 B) (10-1947)
7. Son, Please Meet Me In Heaven (King 768 A) (12-1947)
8. Not Unloved Nor Unclaimed (King 768 B) (12-1947)
9. The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus (King 788 AA) (04-19-1949)
10. Your Lovin' And Huggin' (King 817 A) (04-19-1949)
11. Tears Of St. Ann (King 817 B) (08-31-1949)
12. Forever And A Day (King 831 A) (08-31-1949)
13. I'm Gonna Strut My Stuff (King 831 B) (08-31-1949)
14. What A Price To Pay For Love (King 863 A) (08-31-1949)
15. You're The Only Angel (King 863 B) (03-12-1950)
16. God Please Protect America (King 893 AA) (07-26-1950)
17. The Moon Is Weeping Over You (King 893 A) (07-26-1950)
18. The Old Family Bible (King 908 A) (10-02-1950)
19. The Door To My Heart Is Wide Open (King 926 A) (10-02-1950)
20. My Saddest Mistake (King 942 A) (07-26-1950)
21. No Bitter Tears (King 942 B) (10-02-1950)
22. I Hate To Be Jealous (King 958 A) (03-27-1951)
23. Tell Me Daddy If You Know (King 958 B) (03-27-1951)
24. He'll Come Like A Thief In The Night (King 971 A) (03 -27-1951)
25. It's Just A Habit With You (King 988 B) (10-11-1951)
26. Love Me Or Leave Me (King 1012 A) (10-11-1951)
27. It's Me Who Has To Suffer (King 1012 B) (10-11-1951)
28. Missing In Action (King 1038 A) (12-1951)
29. Give Back My Ring And Picture (King 1038 B) (12-1951)
30. A Million People Have Died (King 1048 A) (12-1951)
31. God Has Taken My Flower (King 1048AA) (03-27-1951)
32. How Many Hearts Can You Break (King 1066 A) (10-11-1951)
33. We Can't Take It With Us To Our Grave (King 1066 AA) (12-1951)
34. Mama Don't Agree (King 1117 A) ( (07-31-1952)
35. Automobile Baby (King 1117 B) (07-31-1952)
36. This Evil Life Don't Pay (King 1144 A) (07-31-1952)
37. Don't Slam The Door (King 1144B) (07-31-1952)
38. Nag, Nag, Nag (King 1193 A) (03-1953)
39. I'm Scared To Go Home (King 1193 B) (03-1953)
40. Hills Of Roan County (King 1231 B) (03-1953)
41. You All Come (King 1295 A) (11-10-1953)
42. My Tissue Paper Heart (King 1314 A) (11-10-1953)
43. It Just Tears Me All To Pieces (King 1314 B) (11-10-1953)
44. I Did And I Does And I Do (King 1354 A) (04-20-1954)
45. A Tennessee Ocean (King 1354 B) (04-20-1954)
46. Blue Days And Lonely Nights (King 1363 A) (04-20-1954)
47. An Empty Old Cottage (King 1993 A) (09-02-1954)
48. Helpless Heart (King LP 730 Previously Unissued)
49. You Get The Roses, I Get The Thorns (King LP 892 Previously Unissued)

Please note that due to size, the 49 files have been split into two folders.

*download folder #1 here*

*download folder #2 here*


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