Monday, December 10, 2012

I haven't posted any Old Timey Southern music here at the Attic in some time and felt that another great title from County's old 500 series was due. County 532 features twelve great 1927-1930 recordings by a legendary Mississippi string band, "The Leake County Revelers". The Revelers' sound was somewhat more subdued that of many of their contemporaries, but is very enjoyable nonetheless. Their legacy seems to have lasted beyond the heyday of such bands; their recording of "Wednesday Night Waltz" remained in print throughout the 78rpm era, Ned Landry re-popularized the "Saturday Night Breakdown" in the fifties, and a later edition of the band appeared in a 1976 movie adaptation of the song "Ode To Billie Joe".
Unfortunately the jacket of this LP (scans of which along with the labels are included in the download folder) contains no notes, but an excellent biographical account of the group's members is on the Mississippi Country Music Trail's website and can be read here.


1. Saturday Night Breakdown
2. Lonesome Blues
3. The Old Hat
4. Georgia Camp Meeting
5. Sweet Rose Of Heaven
6. Monkey In The Dog Cart
7. Dry Town Blues
8. Leather Breeches
9. Wednesday Night Waltz
10. Good Fellow
11. I'm Gwine Back To Dixie
12. Mississippi Breakdown

*download here*


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