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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another post today in celebration of of the legendary Mainer family, this time centered on the career of brother Wade and his Sons of the Mountaineers. Twelve years back, I had the pleasure of attending Mr. Mainer's 97th birthday celebration/concert in Fenton, Michigan. Wade had lived in the area (namely, in Flint) since the early 50's. He would go on to live unto the ripe old age of 104, and I have to say, when I saw him perform he was still robust, and sang with the voice that was so recognizable from his many recordings in the 78 era of classic southern string band music.
This post is drawn from two cassettes I purchased at that concert, both late offerings of the now apparently defunct Old Homestead label. The first of these is titled "Live For Collectors" and is a true gem, consisting of live recordings from the late 60's and early 70's of Wade and his original band mates from the classic era, including his brother J.E., Zeke and Wiley Morris, and Steve Ledford. It is truly amazing to hear these legends re-create their depression-era string band classics, and it's hard for me to believe these recordings haven't been circulated more. The final track is an "interview" with Wade, or at least a somewhat loose conversation, conducted by Old Homestead's John Morris at Virgil Shouse's (another veteran Old Homestead alumni) studio. Although perhaps a novel idea, this recording gives so much of an idea of the late Mainer's great character, a character of which everyone in attendance at the birthday celebration I attended had no doubt, that I believe it to be the perfect souvenir of the occasion.
I have also included in this post a cassette only release, "Carolina Mule", also recorded at Shouse Studio in October of 1992 when Wade was in his 85th year. I believe this to have been his last regular album release, and it finds him and his late wife Julia in fine form, much the way I remember them in Fenton. I hope all followers of the Attic will appreciate these rare recordings by true legends of American old time music!

Wade Mainer - Live For Collectors - With The Original Mainer's Mountaineers


1. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
2. Buckin' Mule
3. Little Birdie
4. On Top Of Old Smokey
5. Train 45
6. Concord Rag
7. Cacklin' Hen
8. A Beautiful Life
9. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
10. Lonely Tombs
11. Going Down Town
12. Buckin' Mule
13. Rose Conlee
14. The Train That Took My Girl From Town
15. Poor Drunkard's Dream
16. Gone, Gone, Gone
17. Tricklin' Waters
18. Big Eyed Rabbit
19. Live interview with Wade Mainer

*download here*

Wade Mainer - Carolina Mule


1. There'll Come A Time
2. Ring On Your Hand
3. When The Train Comes Along
4. When It's Lamplighting Time
5. Baby Jo
6. Run Mountain (Sugar In The Hill)
7. Gonna Lay Down My Old Banjo
8. Carolina Mule
9. On Old Jordans Side
10. The Cat Came Back
11. Sally Ann
12. Quit Kickin My Dog Around

*download here*


tamworthted said...

Thanks for this young fella who passed away not that long ago at the young age of 104.

iggy said...

Hi Lefty. Thanks so much for these great Wade Mainer collections, and for the kind and generous way you do business. All good wishes to you and yours once again,