Sunday, May 8, 2016

For Sunday morning, here's some great vintage country gospel from the mighty Rural Rhythm catalog. First released on LP in 1961, this collection of twenty tunes is performed by Rev. G.M. Farley accompanied by The Wear Family; both Farley and the Wears were featured on many early Rural Rhythm albums.
There is little information on Farley to be found on the net, but http://www.hankwilliamslistings.com/ has the following bio:


Give Name: George Milburn Farley, Jr.
Date of Birth: January 16, 1927
Place of Birth: Kayford, West Virginia
Date of Death: November, 1991
Marital Status: Francis E. Castle
Children: 3

Musical Style: Bluegrass/Country Gospel
Talents: Fiddle, Guitar, Singer, Songwriter

Rev. G. M. Farley was a coal miner like his father, until he was called into the Gospel Ministry around 1950. Before his conversion he had a bluegrass band called Fiddling Slim Blue in which he played the fiddle and sang.
Part of his church ministry was singing, so in the 1960's cut several albums with Rural Rhythm Records. These were sold mostly in his evangelistic meetings and by Rural Rhythm Records' mail order service.

He always planned on doing another album with just songs that he had written but never got around to it. Most of his free time was committed to his writing. He had numerous articles and several books published. He was also an accomplished artist with oil painting.

He pioneered Trinity Bible Church in 1977, which is still thriving today.

The present transfer is from a 1990 cassette issue and although, like many early Rural Rhythm albums, the selections are on the short side and the fidelity not optimal, it is still an enjoyable collection of traditional country gospel. Incidentally, another collection of vintage G.M. Farley recordings is available for download here.


1. When I Lay My Burden Down
2. He Set Me Free
3. There's Going To Be A Meeting
4. When I Call Him
5. Only A Prayer
6. Need The Prayers Of Those I Love
7. Everybody Talks About Heaven
8. Down By The Riverside
9. Home Coming In Heaven
10. The Great Speckled Bird
11. Glory Bound Train
12. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
13. I Don't See A Reason
14. Kneel At The Feet Of Jesus
15. On The Inside Looking Out
16. House Of Gold
17. Where Shall Be
18. Pass Me Not
19. He Came A Long Way
20. My Boy's Bible

*download here*


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