Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 70 tracks in this post constitute the entire remaining recorded output of Lee and Austin, the Allen Brothers. Known as the "Chattanooga Boys" the brothers were known and continue to be revered for their bluesy sound and "salty" material. These sides are unique in their use of Kazoo as a lead instrument. The brothers made records from 1927 to 1934 at which point they gave up music and pursued other careers.

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Salty Dog Blues, Bow Wow Blues, Chattanooga Blues, Laughin' And Cryin' Blues, Ain't That Skippin' And Flyin', Cheat 'Em, Frisco Blues, Tiple Blues, Free A Little Bird, Skipping And Flying, Prisoner's Dream, I'll Be All Smiles Tonight, I've Got The Chain Store Blues, Jake Walk Blues, The Enforcement Blues, Reckless Night Blues, New Chattanooga Blues, Shanghai Rooster Blues, Price Of Cotton Blues, I'm Always Whistling The Blues, Roll Down The Line, Old Black Crow In The Hickory Nut Tree, No Low Down Hanging Around, Maybe Next Week Sometime, A New Salty Dog, Preacher Blues, When You Leave, You'll Leave Me Sad, Chattanooga Mama, It's Too Bad For You, Slide, Daddy, Slide, Pile Drivin' Papa, Shake It, Ida, Shake It, Roll It Down, Mother In Law Blues, Unlucky Man, Laughin' And Cryin', Monkey Blues, Glorious Night Blues, Inspiration, Crossfiring Blues, I'll Be Here A Long, Long Time, It Can't Be Done, Windowshade Blues, Maybe Next Week Sometime No. 2, Fruit Jar Blues, Lightning Bug Blues, Warm Knees Blues, Red Hot Rambling Dan, When A Man's Got A Woman, Rough Neck Blues, Slipping Clutch Blues, Please Pay In Advance, Allen's Lying Blues, Midnight Mama, Baby When You Coming Back Home, Long Gone From Bowling Green, Red Pajama Sal, New Deal Blues, Mercy, Mercy Blues, Padlock Key Blues, Daddy Park Your Car, Salty Dog, Hey Hey Hey, Hey Buddy, Won't You Roll Down The Line, Allen Brothers' Rag, Skippin' And Flyin', The Prisoner's Dream, Drunk And Nutty Blues, Misbehavin' Mama, Midnight Mama, Chattanooga Mama

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