GRANDPA JONES RCA Victor Recordings

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This post comes from a rare tape I have of nineteen recordings from Grandpa's 1952-1956 stint on RCA Victor. He seemingly followed Homer and Jethro from King over to "The Dog", and although his King years are generally regarded as his most fruitful, these takes are in no way second rate.
Particularly fun here are the Minnie Pearl duets, and the very topical "I'm No Communist". A real favourite of mine here is the beautiful vocal duet with his wife, Ramona, on "Mountain Laurel". Jones was indeed a comedian and novelty entertainer, but this should not outshine the fact that he was a great country and ballad singer.
All in all, these tracks stack up very well with Jones' King output, which will be featured in a future post.


1. You-All Come
2. Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea
3. Some More Mountain Dew
4. My Heart Is Like A Train
5. The New Vitamine
6. Old Rattler
7. Old Rattler's Son
8. Lookin' Back To See
9. Mountain Laurel
10. Kissin' Games(with Minnie Pearl)
11. T.V. Blues
12. I'm No Communist
13. Old Blue
14. Retreat
15. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
16. Sass-A-Fras
17. Papa Loves Mambo(with Minnie Pearl)
18. Pap's Corn Likker Still
19. Standing In The Depot

*download here*


brokedownengine said...

It's great to have you back Lonesome Lefty. Your posts are always top notch. Really enjoying these recent radio show posts. Thanks for sharing with us.

J.D. Hughes said...

Lefty, you are doing a great job. Love Grandpa Jones and all the great tunes you post!
Thanks again for the Hal Lone Pine, the folks in PEI really appreciated it.
{Brokedown you are missed}

Don said...

Thanks for the very interesting and informative post.