Friday, January 30, 2009

24 late '20's tracks by "Sam & Kirk McGee from Sunny Tennessee" are featured in this post. These range from Sam's instrumental guitar rags, blues, sentimental songs and novelties, with some of the tunes also featuring Uncle Dave Macon.
The McGees were featured on the Grand Ole Opry from the twenties right through the to the seventies, and recorded several albums in later years on the Starday, Arhoolie and MBA labels, as well as on the Folkways label along with Fiddlin' Arthur Smith. These, however, are the very first recordings the brothers made, and are what their high reputations were based on.

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1. Railroad Blues
2. Knoxville Blues
3. Flower From Angel Mother's Grave
4. Cool Shady Nook
5. Salty Dog Blues
6. The Ship Without A Sail
7. Willy And Mary
8. C-H-I-C-K-E-N
9. Hannah Open That Door
10. Chevrolet Car
11. Easy Rider
12. Old Master's Runaway
13. Buck Dancers Choice
14. Charming Bill
15. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
16. My Family Has Been Crooked Set
17. The Tramp
18. Brown's Ferry Blues
19. If I Could Only Block Out The Past
20. Salt Lake City Blues
21. Only One Step To The Grave
22. Kickin' Mule
23. Thank God For Everything
24. When The Train Comes Along

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Timmy said...

These Sam & Kirk guys are top notch! Never heard tell o' them before. But Now I see the Light...