SONS OF THE PIONEERS 25 Favorite Cowboy Songs

Friday, April 10, 2009

A little while ago I featured a post by the Farr Brothers which included two tracks drawn from this album. Upon listening to the LP, which comes to us via courtesy of our good buddy Andyrama, I was so impressed I decided to feature it in it's entirety. Recorded in 1956, it features the classic Sons of the Pioneers sound, unlike some of the later 60's LPs. The album features 25 tracks, but being well before the K-Tel era, the songs tend to clock around 1:30 to 2:00. For 1956 this makes it almost like a concept album! Despite the quick durations, this album has some exceptional performances ("Along the Santa Fe Trail" being a personal favourite) and I hope you all enjoy.

Includes jacket and label scans


1. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
2. Press Along To The Big Corral
3. Wind
4. Bunkhouse Bugle Boy
5. Home On The Range
6. La Borachita
7. Timber Trail
8. Happy Cowboy
9. Cowboy Lament
10. Pajarillo Barrenquero
11. So Long To The Red River Valley
12. Come And Get It
13. Cool Water
14. Curly Joe From Idaho
15. Cowboy's Dream
16. Along The Santa Fe Trail
17. The Last Round-up
18. Farr Away Stomp
19. Red River Valley
20. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie
21. Sweet Betsy From Pike
22. Slow Moving Cattle
23. Texas Stomp
24. Yellow Rose Of Texas
25. The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma

*download here*


Johnny One-Note said...

Another great upload, "Lonesome Lefty".

I really dig Bob Nolan's voice, and with the Farr Brothers playing on 2 of the tracks of this lp, you can't go wrong.....

Many thanx.
Johnny One-Note

Unknown said...

Can you post the two radio shows lp's you made tapes of for me years ago

greg said...


Shawn said...

Thanks a ton for this fine upload Lefty. My blood pressure must have dropped 50 points as I listened to these gems, great job.

Madison said...

Isn't it a grand album, though? Thank you very much for making it downloadable. I have a copy of it, myself, but the quality isn't quite as good as this one. :)

A couple notes.
"Recorded in 1956, it features the classic Sons of the Pioneers sound, unlike some of the later 60's LPs."

Although this album was released in the 50s, it was not recorded then. This album is a compilation of Teleways transcriptions: radio transcriptions that the Pioneers made mainly in 1946. That's why you've got the 'real Pioneer sound' here. The vocal lineup on these tracks is Tim Spencer, Lloyd Perryman, Bob Nolan, and Ken Carson, sometimes joined by Hugh Farr with his bass voice. This lineup is worlds different (and most argue, better) than the 1960s lineup, in which the only 'real' Pioneer member was Lloyd Perryman. The others were Dale Warren and Tommy Doss, whose voices were rather weak. Boiled down, no one could equal the three 1940s lineups: the Nolan/Spencer/Perryman trio, the Nolan/Spencer/Carson trio, and the Perryman/Spencer/Nolan/Carson quartet (sometimes a trio because Tim wasn't recording full time at that point).

Terribly sorry for rambling on, but I'm fascinated with the Sons of the Pioneers, and can never resist an opportunity to talk about them. :D I'm Ken Carson's biographer, too, so I'm especially interested in anything to do with him!


Madison said...

Ach, let me correct myself now: I wrote that the Pioneers recorded most of the Teleways in 1946, when I meant to write 1947.

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