GRAHAM TOWNSEND and his Country Fiddle

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here is the next of Graham's Banff LPs, SBS 5296, "Graham Townsend and his Country Fiddle" from 1968. The ten track album is comprised of three of his original compositions, two traditional tunes, as well as tunes by Graham's fiddling contemporaries June Eikhard, Al Cherny, Ward Allen, and Andy DeJarlis.

Includes jacket/label scans.

Incidentally, a wonderful video of Graham playing and discussing fiddle styles is here.


1. Journeyman's Jig
2. Fisher's Hornpipe
3. Jemeny Cricket Polka
4. Minstrel's Fancy
5. Donnie Gilchrist's Breakdown
6. Frenchie's Reel
7. Fairy Toddler
8. Carousel Waltz
9. Gilles Roy
10. St. Patrick's Day In Quebec

*download here*