Monday, November 14, 2011

Another classic in this post, SBS 5284, which is touted as "Introducing Rodeo's Golden Stereo Series." One of three albums Graham released on Banff during the centennial year, it contains many of his signature compositions and one by Ned Landry. It also has a few traditional tunes of which I think Townsend's version of the "Les Guenilles" ("The Rags"), a fine French Canadian tune, is a standout. Also, you're not dreaming, that really is a chorus of backup singers adding "oooh-wahs" to "Sidewalk Waltz", a tune popularised by Nashville fiddler Chubby Wise. They really were all listening to one another back then...

Includes jacket/label scans.

A great video of Graham playing a medley of reels at an outdoor festival is here.


1. Sidewalk Waltz
2. The Lighthouse Keeper
3. Prince County Jig
4. Les Guenilles
5. Waverley Two Step
6. Ottawa Valley Reel
7. Fred Wilson's Clog
8. Spirit Of Springhill
9. Evelyn's Waltz
10. Point Prim Hornpipe

*download here*


Glenn said...

Love this album. My favourites are Les Guenilles and Sidewalk Waltz. Graham could really do convincing French style fiddling. Are there more recordings where he plays the old traditional French tunes? Those are my favourites.


Lonesome Lefty said...

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for commenting. Graham was born in Buckingham, Que. and was exposed to French fiddling pretty much from birth, so some of it had to rub off on him. Graham recorded some French material for Rounder (maybe I'll post these in the future), and also made a record for Rodeo's Caprice label for the French Canadian market called "Danses de folklore" (Caprice SCPL 24030). I have found this to be pretty much the most elusive Townsend album of all. If anyone can track this album down, please contact me ( I'd be willing to purchase it, or a transfer would be wonderful.


Gerard Herzhaft said...

There is a malware associated with the link for this record (probably Trojan). So beware

Lonesome Lefty said...


Mediafire is a free and very reputable (in my opinion the best) file sharing site. No malicious files are in this folder or will be obtained by downloading it. Sometimes certain detection programs give mediafire or other links a "false positive". Very often these come from the random ads that appear on the page, but I strongly recommend NOT clicking on these, although they're mostly harmless. You can read more about this below: