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Friday, November 25, 2011

Graham Townsend's second LP on the Banff label, RBS 1116, contains ten tunes on which he is backed by Islanders Waldo Munro on piano, Duke Neilsen on upright bass, and Warren MacRae on drums.
This is the only one of Graham's Banff LPs that does not have composer credits on the labels. The following is each tune's origins to the best of my knowledge:
Honey Harbour Two Step - this is definitely a Townsend original.
Saint Mary's Polka - This is a different tune than the common Irish polka of the same name. I am unsure of this tune's origin.
Saint Francis Reel - A traditional tune found in old Messer collections. It was also recorded by Earl Mitton in the 60's.
Mel's Jig - Johnny Mooring composed a tune with this title, but never recorded it. However, as Graham and Johnny were reportedly not the best of friends, I suspect, like the following tune, this jig may have been composed by Mel Lavigne.
Rocket Richard Reel - This tune was composed by Mel Lavigne in honour of hockey great Maurice "The Rocket" Richard. For more info on Mel Lavigne, click here.
The Butler's Waltz - I suspect this is a Townsend original.
The Olympic Two Step - One of Graham's original compositions.
The Walker Street Reel - A traditional reel popular in many different traditions.
Iris Girl Jig - I believe "Iris" is a typo of "Irish". This tune is more commonly known as "Shandon Bells".
The Mouth of the Tobique Breakdown - A traditional tune named for the Tobique River in northwest New Brunswick. Popularized by Don Messer.

Includes jacket/label scans.

To see Graham participating in a fiddle workshop at the 1991 Shetland Folk Festival, click here.


1. Honey Harbour Two Step
2. Saint Mary's Polka
3. Saint Francis Reel
4. Mel's Jig
5. Rocket Richard Reel
6. The Butler's Waltz
7. The Olympic Two Step
8. The Walker Street Reel
9. Iris Girl Jig
10. The Mouth Of The Tobique Breakdown

*download here*


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I'm so delighted with these Graham Townsend albums - thanks a million!

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