TEXAS FAREWELL Texas Fiddlers 1922-1930

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mining more of the fantastic County 500 series catalog, I came up with a transfer of this superb 1969 collection of rare old Texas Fiddle 78s from the twenties era. Since transferring this album the Lewis Brothers' "Bull at the Wagon" has stuck in my head day and night, but there's never a bad tune on a collection such as this. There's not much for me to add to the album's liner notes (by Charles Faurot), scans of which are included in the download. Enjoy!

The transcript from a telephone interview with Denmon Lewis, made by Charles Faurot on November 18, 1969 to obtain information for the liner notes of this album is here.


1. Red Headed Fiddlers-Texas Quick-Step
2. The Lewis Brothers-Bull At The Wagon
3. Solomon & Hughes-Sally Johnson
4. Eck Robertson & H. Gillilland-Arkansas Traveler
5. The Lewis Brothers-Sally Johnson
6. Fiddlin' Jim Pate-Texas Farewell
7. Eck Robertson & J.B. Cranfill-Great Big Taters
8. Oscar & Doc Harper-Dallas Bound
9. Red Headed Fiddlers-The Fatal Wedding
10. East Texas Serenaders-Babe
11. Smith's Garage Fiddle Band-Beaumont Rag
12. East Texas Serenaders-Three-In-One Two-Step

*download here*


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Mr. Lefty. It, and all the good work you do, is truly appreciated.

bulldogUK said...

Great vintage country .... many thanks

Aging Child said...

Thanks as always, Lefty!

This one, and your Leake County Revelators, will go to a woman I know who sang and played guitar on tour with Patsy Cline. She's in a nursing home, paralyzed on her right side... and greets these old-time country gems with a lit-up face, big grin, and a delighted "Oh, boy!" (Will check in with her on Hawkshaw Hawkins, too, of course!)

Merry Christmas to you and all!

Kind regards,
Aging Child

Paco's brother said...

A happy music in these sad times.
Many thanks

iggy said...

Thanks so much for the fiddle and for Hawk's music. I wish you and yours a very happy year in 2013. All good wishes,


Joe said...

Thanks for this treasure - I remember this and the other first releases from County. And, how thoughtful of you to post it on my 37th wedding anniversary :-).

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