Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ola Belle Reed (nee Campbell, 1916-2002) and her brother Alex recorded two LPs for Starday in the '60's, this being the second. On both they were accompanied by their band of the time, the New River Boys, featuring notables Deacon Brumfield on dobro and Ted Lundy on banjo. Lundy would go on to make some top notch albums for Rounder in the 1970's before unfortunately commiting suicide by jumping from a bridge.
Ola Belle (or Olabelle, as she's credited on the Starday albums) and her husband ran the legendary "New River Ranch" country park at Rising Sun, Maryland before moving their operations to Sunset Park in West Grove, Pennsylvania. She became somewhat of a legend in her later years, and made albums for Rounder in the '70's as well.
Below are two links to biographies of Ola Belle and her Brother:

Ola Belle Reed

Alex Campbell & Ola Belle

If any followers of this blog could help me in finding a copy of Alex & Ola Belle's first Starday LP (SLP-214) to transfer, it would be most appreciated. Contact me at Thanks!

1. Travel On
2. All The World Is Lonely Now
3. I Threw Away The Key
4. You Don't Even Know
5. I Can't Be Satisfied
6. When My Time Comes To Go
7. When I Lay My Burden Down
8. Just Over In The Gloryland
9. I Marked The Spot
10. Indecision
11. Paul & Silas
12. Forever I Know

*download here*


John Fabke said...

Wow. Great stuff. I'd heard her Rounder release and love Lundy's recordings with Bob Paisley but this is a real gem of hardcore traditional bluegrass. Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

Check this out , alot of wma files though ,good blog .

Allen`s Archive said...

Mighty fine!!

Unknown said...

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