ROBERT LUNN Original Talking Blues Man

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am very pleased to present this post by the legendary Robert Lunn. I spent many years looking for Lunn's 1963 Starday LP (SLP-228) and was thrilled to obtain this copy, which interestingly enough is a British pressing by the London label (HA-B 8124).
Robert Lunn (1911-1966) was a vaudevillian who began performing on WSM's "Grand Ole Opry" in the mid-thirties and became known primarily for his adaptation of Chris Bouchillon's old 78 of "Talking Blues". He made a few 78s for Mercury in the late forties, but the present recording was his only LP, recorded as part of Starday's series of albums by Nashville's pioneering personalities (the McGee Brothers, Bashful Brother Oswald, Lew Childre, etc.). The recordings here, like on the Lew Childre album, are done sort of like an informal radio show, with all the band (basically Roy Acuff's Smoky Mountain Boys of the time) participating. This is supposedly one of the hardest old Starday LPs to get a hold of, so hopefully this post will allow many a first chance to hear this marvelous record. As a bonus I've included Lunn's 1947 Mercury recording of "Yodeling Blues", a song which he also performs on the LP as "Yodelling Guitar". Enjoy!

Includes jacket scans


Because the LP is one continuous program, I have left the recording intact, with single mp3s for sides one and two.
Side One: The Original Talking Blues, Tooth Pickin' Time In False Teeth Valley, Jessie Jug Polka (Instrumental), Lonesome For Mother (Guest Star: Gene Martin), Sippin' Cider, It Goes Like This
Side Two: Sweet Violets, Mama Don't Allow No Music, Yodelling Guitar, Courtin' In The Rain (Guest Star: Bashful Brother Oswald), French Harp Drag (Instrumental) (Guest Star: Jimmy Riddle), Grandfather's Clock, Fiddlin' Trombone (Instrumental) (Guest Star: Howdy Forrester), Meet Me By The Ice House, Susannah Was A Funny Old Man (Guest Star: Jimmy Riddle)
Bonus Track: Yodeling Blues (Mercury Records, 1947)

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Allen`s Archive said...

This is one of my favorite LP`s. Rare find, it took me at least 10 years to find mine. It`s sort of like going to a medicine show.