Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two downloadable zipped folders here containing great 1950's radio by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and The Foggy Mountain Boys. The first download contains two episodes of "Martha White Biscuit Time" from June 1953, as well as a collection of single tracks from rare early 50's airshots. The second contains two 1959 episodes of the "Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry" along with some bonus single tracks taken from the same series. These recordings were issued on 1970's era white label "bootleg" LP's, and given the quality of the material here, I'm surprised they haven't circulated more. Enjoy!

Folder #1 contents:

Early '50's Radio Broadcasts - Leather Britches(Paul Warren, fiddle), Will You Be Loving Another Man, Nobody Loves Me,Nobody Cares, Salty Dog Blues, Have You Come To Say Goodbye, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Somebody Else Will(Curley Seckler solo), Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me, I'm Head Over Heels In Love, I'm Getting Ready To Go, Rueben, I'd Rather Be Alone, Black Eyed Susie(Paul Warren, fiddle), I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darling, Earl's Breakdown, Love And Wealth, Billy In The Low Ground(Paul Warren, fiddle)

Martha White Biscuit Time - Episode 1 - Martha White Commercial, Katy Hill, Dim Lights Thick Smoke, Preachin', Prayin', Singin', I'm Head Over Heels In Love With You, A Purple Heart, I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayer, Grey Eagle, Salty Dog Blues, I Have Found The Way, Lover's Lane, Martha White Commercial - Episode 2 - Martha White Commercial, Back Up And Push, Over The Hills To The Poorhouse, He Took Your Place, Thinking About You, When It's Moonlight On The Cabin, It's Two O'Clock, I'm Getting Ready To Go, Doing My Time, I'll Be Going To Heaven Someday, You Took My Sunshine Away, Steel Guitar Rag, Martha White Commercial

Folder #2 contents:

Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry

Complete Shows - Episode 1 - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Katy Hill, Cabin On The Hill, Shuckin' The Corn, Florida Blues, Baby Quit That Noise, Crying My Heart Out Over You - Episode 2 - Nine Pound Hammer, Foggy Mountain Rock, Canaan's Land, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Feast Here Tonight, Black Eyed Susie, Nobody's Business, A Hundred Years From Now
Single Tracks - Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow, Earl's Breakdown, Farewell Blues, Going Down, Down, Down, Head Over Heels, If I Should Wander Back, Randy Lynn Rag, Someone You Have Forgotten

*download folder #1 here*

*download folder #2 here*


Unknown said...

1 st link comes up invalid Mike

Unknown said...

Link 1 works now

Unknown said...

Thanks for the hard work and great tunes you post!



Joaquin LeFleur said...

This is incredible! Thanks Lefty!

I really love your blog...

Joaquin LeFleur said...

Also, if you're interested in other Flatt & Scruggs radio recordings, check out my latest post at Truckstops & Davenports:


Thanks again for the great music!

KL from NYC said...

I'd been looking for just the Martha White transcriptions, so your post is a bonus for me.

Sven said...

You dug up some pure GOLD! I've listened to it already 50 times. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Do these not work anymore? Keeps sending me to adfly sign in page

KL from NYC said...

JERRY ALLEN: Check in the upper right hand corner of the AdFly page. It makes you wait several seconds, then comes up with "SKIP AD" and you click on that to get to the link.