Monday, February 9, 2009

Two albums featuring the other side of the Carter Family, A.P., Sara, and their children Janette and Joe. The first LP is on the Pine Mountain label and features early to mid 1950's recordings by the elder Carters and their children, as well as visit by none other Mrs. Jimmie Rodgers! A.P. introduces many of the songs, even if he seems a little distracted at times by things like "the guitar gettin' outta line a little".
The second LP by Joe and Janette is on the County label and was recorded in 1966. Both LPs feature some songs otherwise not recorded by any of the Carters.

Includes jacket and label scans.


1. Midnight On The Stormy Deep
2. The Fate Of George Allen On Engine 143
3. Soldier And His Sweetheart
4. Westward Hobo
5. Wildwood Rose
6. Railroading On The Great Divide
7. The Last Letter
8. The Curtains Of Night
9. Wildwood Flower
10. Wabash Cannon Ball (with Sound Effects)
11. Pretty Raindrops
12. Two More Years And I'll Be Free
13. The Broken Engagement
14. Beautiful Isle O'er The Sea
15. Curtains Of Night
16. Will You Miss Me
17. I'm Going Home
18. Lonesome Blues
19. Farther On
20. Kitty And I
21. Anchored In Love
22. Waltzing With You
23. Higher Ground
24. Let Old Jordan Roll
25. Ramblin' Man
26. Sweet Story Of Old

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Unknown said...

Mike is the Joe and Janette lp part of the collection I got , from the Sherwood Goodwill store , it has the same circling and markings as they did and I know i sold you piles of these

Unknown said...

Lonesome Lefty said...

i got it from the late dr. disc, so probably was yours