PHIL HARRIS That's What I Like About The South

Monday, February 23, 2009

The late, great Phil Harris (1904-1995) has a many faceted legacy. Initially a drummer and orchestra leader in the 1930's, he drifted into movies but achieved his first widespread exposure with the wisecracking and shady bandleader character he portrayed on Jack Benny's wildly popular radio show. This led to a radio spin off in 1948 with his wife of the time, movie actress Alice Faye. To modern listeners, however, he will be most instantly recognized as the voice of Baloo the bear in Disney's adaptation of "The Jungle Book".
This 1958 LP collects twelve of his late '40's/early '50's RCA Victor recordings. With national network radio exposure, Harris had some fairly successful hits during this period. The title track, "That's What I Like About The South" became the subject of a running gag with Benny. "Goofus" was a popular revival of the 1930 original, while "The Thing" became a staple of novelty song collections. Harris apparently appreciated the great comedian Bert Williams, as evidenced by "The Dark Town Poker Club", "Woodman, Spare That Tree" and "The Preacher And The Bear".

Includes jacket scans.


1. The Dark Town Poker Club
2. Woodman, Spare That Tree
3. That's What I Like About The South
4. The Preacher And The Bear
5. Deck Of Cards
6. Is It True What They Say About Dixie
7. Goofus
8. The Thing
9. The Persian Kitten
10. St.James Infirmary
11. Muskrat Ramble
12. Row, Row, Row

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