HOMER & JETHRO Playing It Straight

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jethro Burns was one of the greatest mandolinists of his or any other generation. I always had the feeling that he and his partner Homer Haynes' country novelty act was a sort of device to get away with playing music that was largely over the heads of their audience. Like predecessor Spike Jones, much of the true humour in the act was derived from the extreme virtuosity required by their outrageous antics.
1962's "Playing It Straight" gave the boys a chance to showcase that virtuosity sans the usual schitck. It features twelve instrumental tunes, mostly standards, featuring only H & J's mandolin and guitar along with Nashville cats Bob Moore on Bass and Buddy Harman on drums. The LP has become somewhat of an underground classic, often taped and circulated amongst mandolinists and all lovers of great music.

Includes jacket scans.


1. If Dreams Come True
2. I Want to Be Happy
3. Melody from Raymond
4. Don't Be That Way
5. It's All Right with Me
6. Autumn Leaves
7. I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
8. Around the World
9. Homer and Jethro Boogie
10. Tico Tico
11. Nanner Puddin'
12. I've Found a New Baby

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