SPEEDY WEST Guitar Spectacular

Monday, February 23, 2009

1962's "Guitar Spectacular" was Speedy West's fourth Capitol LP and his third without his original partner, Jimmy Bryant. Nonetheless, with guitarists Roy Lanham and Billy Strange in Bryant's place the album cooks. The arrangements and musicianship are spot-on and highlight Speedy's "space-age" steel to tremendous advantage. There's really not much I can say about this music that can do it justice, but below is a link to a fantastic page:

Click here for a great Speedy West bio

There will be more West's LPs to follow on Scratchy Attic.

Includes jacket scans


1. Space Man In Orbit
2. Sunset At Wakaki
3. Lazy Summer Evening
4. Totem Pole Dance
5. Afternoon On A Swan
6. Speedy's Special
7. Double Or Nothing
8. Slow And Easy
9. Reflections From The Moon
10. Tulsa Twist
11. Rippling Water
12. Wild And Woolly West

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Brad said...

I actually found this sort of boring compared to his work with Jimmy Bryant. The keyboard player was intrusive, the songs themselves not so memorable, and Speedy seemed to be rehashing his old licks for the most part.
Stick with the Flaming Guitars work if you want to hear Speedy West at his best. This is an unessential set, strictly for completists.

Unknown said...

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