GRAHAM TOWNSEND Famous Canadian Fiddler

Friday, November 25, 2011

With this post, I have finally wound my way back to Townsend's first LP on the Banff label, RBS 1083 from 1960, "Famous Canadian Fiddlers Volume 1". Nine of the album's ten tunes are Graham's compositions, the tenth composed by fellow Shelburne champion Victor Pasowisty. Like RBS 1116, accompaniment is provided by Waldo Munro, Duke Neilsen, and Warren MacRae, all members of Don Messer's Islanders. Incidentally, the only other "Famous Canadian Fiddlers" album issued was Volume 2 by Joe Murphy and His Band, RBS 1084 (a reissue of Rodeo RLP 14).

Includes jacket/label scans.

A two part video of Graham and his wife Eleanor's set at the 1994 Cobden fair in Cobden, Ontario is here and here.


1. George Taylor's Breakdown
2. East Coast Jig
3. The Frank McKnight Waltz
4. Mike MacNeil's Hornpipe
5. Don Tremaine's Reel
6. Sawdust Breakdown
7. The Roman Teller Waltz
8. The Rae Simmons Polka
9. Pat The Budgie Breakdown
10. The Don Valley Hornpipe

*download here*


It's All Tunes To Me said...

Do you still have the Earl Mitton Arc Lp's Call some night it's Steve in London

Lonesome Lefty said...

Hey Steve,

Will do. I have Earl Mitton's Arc LP, as well as his Quality and Birchmount LPs. Also his first 78 on Rodeo!

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