Sunday, December 21, 2008

A great album on Swallow Records from 1978.

From the original jacket:

Christmas in Acadiana is not characterized by carollers in the snow or even by extremely cold temperatures. Often a balmy weather prevails over Christmas. Sometimes, if we're experiencing an early winter, we will have cold, icy weather, and the trees, the ground, and the rooftops will be coated with a white frosting, giving us an illusion as to what a white Christmas could possibly look like. Despite the weather, Christmas in the Cajun country of Louisiana is always a holy time, a special great time of year for all.
Of course when Santa arrives in the Cajun country, due to the usual lack of snow, he has to switch from the traditional sleigh pulled by reindeer, to the "traneaux" (a Cajun dirt and mud sled) pulled by a special team of eight alligators.
And Santa gets a sparkle in his eye and a special warmth in his heart as he travels Acadiana hearing songs sung in French and played by noted Cajun musicians!
Joyeux Noel a tout! (Merry Christmas to all!)

Includes jacket scans


1. Hasa Ortego-La Veille De Christmas Sur Le Grand Bayou
2. Vin Bruce-Christmas On The Bayou
3. Belton Richard-Please Come Home For Christmas
4. Camey Doucet-What Christmas Means To Me
5. Harry Fontenot-Silent Night
6. Harry Fontenot-Jingle Bells (Instrumental)
7. Belton Richard-Blue Christmas
8. Belton Richard-You're All I Want For Christmas
9. Joe Bonsall-Here Comes Santa Claus
10. Hasa Ortego-Christmas Eve On The Big Bayou

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