STOMPIN' TOM Merry Christmas Everybody

Saturday, December 13, 2008

For the next little bit it will be all Christmas music at the Scratchy Attic. Since we started back in November with Wilf Carter, I figured the next logical place to go was with his protege, Stompin' Tom Connors.
The first incarnation of this album appeared on the Dominion label in 1970. Tom had recorded a few albums on the Rebel and Dominion labels before he and producer Jury Krytiuk started Boot records in 1971. These albums were released on the new Boot label, but in some cases the original masters were not available so they simply had Tom re-record the entire albums!


1. Merry Christmas Everybody
2. Merry Bells
3. Christmas Angel
4. Down On Christmas
5. Jingle Jangle Aeroplane
6. Kiss Me The New Year In
7. Mr.Snowflake
8 .Story Of Jesus
9. An Orphan's Christmas
10. One Blue Light
11. Gloria
12. Our Father
13. Merry Christmas Everybody (reprise)

*download here*


Mike Bass said...

Thanks again Lefty! Christmas will be much more like home with this as part of the Christmas cheese platter!

Mike Bass said...

After downloading and listening to the two versions of this recording, I can tell you with some certainty that the two releases are the same recordings but the 1971 Boot Records version has a different, more clearer, mix from the 1970 Dominion Records version. The '71 version brings Tom's vocal more to the front and has added echo compared to the '70. Both are interesting in there own right, but the later version would have been regarded as more state of the art for the time. There may have been a new re-mastering of this for a CD release in the 1990's.

anomia said...

Wow, thanks so much for the sharing you've done here - don messer, stompin' tom etc.

You've done a real service to the old stars of CBC radio and TV.
Now if I could only get a hold of some decent vintage Tommy Hunter I'd really be happy!

anomia said...

For interests sake I'm gonna post this Tommy Hunter episode guide link here:,_the/episode_guide/

Dirk Bill said...

This link has expired; any chance for a re-up? Would make a great addition to my Christmas mix this year!