Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here is a mysterious but wonderful little tape I found at a thrift shop. It's a collection of ten early recordings of cowboy songs by performers both legendary and obscure. Dated 1987, it was a product of something called "Demand Performance Cassettes" out of Glendale, California. A web search brings up very little about this outfit, but it seems they had a fantastic catalog. No info here other than the artists and titles, but these largely speak for themselves. Enjoy!


1. Mac McClintock-Old Chisholm Trail
2. Dude Martin-Git Along Little Dogies
3. Carl T.Sprague-The Cowboy
4. Ken Maynard-The Lone Star Trail
5. Goebel Reeves-Cowboy's Prayer
6. Carl T.Sprague-Following The Cow Trail
7. Delmore Brothers-Bury Me Out On The Lone Prairie
8. Goebel Reeves-The Cowboy's Lullaby
9. Arizona Joe-Down The Old Texas Trail
10. Mildred And Dorothy Good-Bucking Bronco (My Love Is A Rider)

*download here*


Alexander said...

Interesting. Thanks :)

Grandpa Man said...

Arizona Joe, real name was Robert Streepy. I have most of his transcriptions, 125 songs or so, and am preparing a CD for release around May of 2013. He was a radio songster, first noted in the 1930s, recorded both by Thesaurus transcriptions, and at KOL-AM, a Seattle radio station where he performed live, and where he made 21 additional transcriptions.

Unknown said...

Hi (Grandpa Man!),
Just come across your Robert Streepy item. We (at the British Archive of Country Music) are hoping to bring out a CD of his recordings this year - we've got about 15 discs, enough for a 30 track CD but are having problems getting bio information. Maybe you can help - or point us to where we can? My email is
website Thanks for any help - and anyway it would be good to correspond, seems we (including Lonesome Lefty!)are all keen fans/collectors of 'authentic country'! Best, Rob Jones, in England.

54865465 said...

Hi, can you please re-upload this link? Thank you so much.

And Thanks for such an amazing blog!