Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's a real little gem. This 7" LP from 1967 was a souvenir of Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. It takes the listener on a nine minute journey through the production of an instrumental recording of "Ya'll Come". Hosted by the legendary Columbia producer Frank Jones, it features many of the great Nashville session men.
Narrator Jones begins with a brief overview of the process of arranging a "head", or improvised session. He then turns it over to a live recording of the banter between the control room and musicians. What jumps out at me at this point is that they are using both upright acoustic bass, and electric bass, obviously played with a pick! So that's not just a Nashville legend...
You may also notice that during the studio chatter the musician's mics are mixed in stereo, when they actually play the tune everything is panned mono. Hmmm......

"Some of Nashville's finest recording musicians are heard on this record. They are:

D. J. Fontana - Drums
Bobby Dyson - Bass Guitar
Joe Zinkan - String Bass
Kelso Hurston - Rhythm Guitar
Fred Carter - Electric Guitar
Bill Pursell - Piano
Tommy Jackson - Fiddle
Peter Drake - Steel Guitar
Jordanaires - Background Voices"

Includes scans of picture sleeve and labels.

Tracks are Side One and Side Two.

*download here*


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As I understand it, the reason they doubled the bass was to take advantage of the tonal spectrum each provided...the string bass had that warm woody bottom while the elctric could be 'dialed in' to enhance the tone with a bit more treble sound. Hence the name it was often given,'tic tac' bass. In all probability it would have been a Fender or Danelectro bass.