HOMER & JETHRO King Recordings

Saturday, March 7, 2009

24 King tracks are featured in this post by Homer & Jethro, who recorded for the label between 1946 and 1949. They are drawn from the LPs "Homer and Jethro Will Drive You Nuts with Their Version of the Standards" from 1959 (King 639) and "Cornier Than Corn" from 1963 (King 848). The final track in the folder comes from the various artists LP "Nashville Bandstand" also from 1963 (King 813).
The recordings are an interesting contrast to their RCA Victor years. On the King tracks, the boys cover many of the standard pre-war pop tunes in a deadpan hillbilly, very to the point, although not without asides. They take ballads at dramatically increased tempos, and the guitar seems to always use open chords for comic "hillbilly" effect. Jethro's mandolin is as always incredibly nimble, and already showing sparks of what was to come.

Includes jacket and label scans.


1. Five Minutes More
2. Always
3. Donkey Serenade
4. Glow Worm
5. I'm Glad I Waited For You
6. For Sentimental Reasons
7. Night And Day
8. Symphony
9. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
10. Margie
11. I'll Close My Eyes
12. Managua, Nicaragua
13. It Bruised Her Somewhat
14. Goodbye Old Booze
15. Groundhog
16. It's A Bloody War
17. Fly Birdie Fly
18. (Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph) Tell A Woman
19. Bill Bailey
20. When It's Long Handle Time In Tennessee
21. Poor Little Liza, Poor Girl
22. Rye Whiskey
23. I Feel That Old Age Creeping On
24. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die

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Raizor's Edge said...

Thanks, Lonesome Lefty. A lot of people overlook the King stuff because, for the most part, it was a continuation of Homer & Jethro's pre-World War II act of speeding up pop songs instead of the parodies that we came to know and love. It's still very good material.

Now...got any of those 45s that never made it to LP, such as "I Said My Nightgown and Put on My Prayers?"

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you for all the great music here

Slackjack said...

Thank you for this great music