EDDIE POIRIER Irish, Scottish & Cape Breton Fiddle

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eddie Poirier is a great Canadian fiddler and multi-instrumentalist originally from Rogersville, New Brunswick. He has made many albums through the years in a variety of styles, playing fiddle, banjo, etc. I picked this one up on cassette about fifteen years ago, and it has been a great favourite. The first edition on vinyl probably came out in the mid seventies, I believe on the Buckshot label.
These tunes are all old style repetoire, bowed in an aggressive manner. The late Johnny Wilmot of Cape Breton was somewhat of a mentor to Poirier during these years, and no doubt some of these tunes were learned from him. There's a lot a faux "celtic" fiddling floating around out there these days, if you want a taste of the real old maritime stuff, I strongly recommend this album.


1. Hughie Shorty's Reel, Walker Street Reel
2. French Reel
3. Mora Shien Reel, Capre Phe
4. Donegal & Sandhill Hornpipe
5. Seige Of Innis
6. Sheehan's Reel, Patty On The Turnpike
7. Moon Coin Paddy, Cronin's Reel
8. Reeve's Reel
9. Tea Toddler's Reel
10. Pet Of The Piper, Harper's Fancy
11. Lord Albert's Jig
12. When The Kettle Boils Over, Lark In The Morning

*download here*


Glenn said...

i agree with your sentiments of faux celtic fiddling. Actually, I find the term celtic offputting because to me suggests romanticized airy-fairy arrangements, bouzoukis, and open tuned guitars. Most of the stuff that makes it into record stores or you see on tv is of this nature. Give me the old hardcore stuff played straight ahead any day.

Keep up the great fiddle posts, I've really been enjoying them.