ROMANIUK FAMILY Point Recordings

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The contents of two 1960s albums on the Point label comprise today's post. Ed Romaniuk and his sisters Elsie and Anne grew up in Edson, Alberta as devotees of the original Carter Family, whose music came into their home via radio and records. As the Romaniuk children grew up, they played this music themselves, entertaining on local radio, festivals, concerts, etc. They eventually were able to meet their idols, A.P. Carter himself granting their efforts his approval. An account by Ed of he and Elsie accompanying Sara Carter to Memorial Celebrations in Bristol, Virginia in 1971 is included in the notes to a Carter Family LP I previously featured, click here.
On each of the two albums, half the songs are traditional Carter repertoire, the other half being Romaniuk originals. The download includes scans of the covers and labels, which include composer credits. I feel I should make mention to followers of the Attic that albums posted here without a scan of the back of the jacket, usually indicate that a generic back slick (often advertising other LPs on the label) was used. Unfortunately, many Canadian LPs were released this way, thus depriving us of any biographical information about the artist.

I would like to thank Andyrama for providing access to his copy of "Songs We Love To Sing."


1. In The Sweet Bye & Bye
2. Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
3. Anchored In Love
4. The Homestead On The Farm
5. Wildwood Flower
6. My Alberta Rose
7. My Dear Old Foothills
8. The Lover's Plea
9. What A Lovely World To Live In
10. 'Neath The Pine Tree On The Hill
11. Church In The Wildwood
12. When The Springtime Comes Again
13. The Wreck On The C & O
14. Beautiful Home
15. My Little Home In Tennessee
16. My Rocky Mountain Home
17. Pray Unto The Lord
18. I'm Losing My Friend
19. Do You Sometimes Think Of Me
20. Soldier Boy's Mother
21. I'll Never Take You Back Again

*download here*


Joe said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the recent treasure trove of Graham Townsend posts. I had familiarity with some of his work, but the Romaniuk Family was previously unknown to me. What a pleasant surprise. Great listening! Thanks for all you do to make our lives more enriched with the art of music.

Lonesome Lefty said...

Thanks, Joe, for taking time to comment. Glad you're enjoying the posts!

Lonesome Lefty said...

This message was sent to my Yahoo acc't:

Hi Lonesome Lefty,
I tried to post a comment about the Romaniuk Family, but it didn't come up, so I guess it is not posted.
I am not a Google member (and don't see why I should be).
Anyway the comment:

"This is a good posting!. I did have the "Country Carter Style" tracks, but not the "Songs We Love To Sing".
Another Family that sing in Carter Family style is the A. L. Phipps Family, who in my opinion sound more like the Carter Family.
But this is a very good posting. Colin"

Colin Rose

I have no idea why the post wouldn't publish, other than such things can be "quirky"...
But thanks, Colin!

Duke said...
Please try and add these!

Anonymous said...

Hello, great to see this music available, I get to enjoy the vinyl at home. The Romaniuks did a lot of recording with Maybelle in particular, I have numerous acetates and test pressings of them together. Great music, thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Great music, I have acetates that the Romaniuks and Carter's made together in Edmonton as well LP' with hand written notes by the two families. Great music, thanks for sharing it with others.

Unknown said...

Cool, Edson music! Bohemio from the cop car here. THANKS!

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