Friday, March 20, 2009

First released by Gusto as a 2 LP set in the seventies, this collection presented 30 (well, 29) classics from the legendary Starday-King catalog. It has since become a sort of a classic in itself, as it's never been to hard to obtain. It has probably appeared in every format, eventually even CD.
The only real flaw in the collection was that it included the same recording twice under two different titles. Tommy Jackson's "Cotton Eyed Joe" appears as track 15, and then reappears as "Fiddlin' Joe" at track 25. Therefore, for this post I have substituted "The Original Jole Blon" by Harry Choates as track 25. It was taken from the LP set "Country Music Hall Of Fame", Starday SLP 164.
This is a really important collection of southern fiddle tunes. Some of the LPs this material are drawn from have (Fiddlin' Arthur Smith) and will (Chubby Wise) be featured in their entirety at the Attic, but there are many great recordings here that are otherwise hard to find. Enjoy!


1. Scotty Stoneman-Orange Blossom Breakdown Revival
2. Howdy Forrester-Still On The Hill
3. Chubby Wise-Peacock Rag
4. Buck Ryan featured with Reno & Harrell-Maiden's Prayer
5. Buddy Spicher & Shorty Lavender-Three Fiddle Swing
6. Ken Clark-Lee Highway Ramble
7. Benny Martin-Big Tiger Special
8. Joe 'Red' Hayes-Sweet Nellie
9. Harry Choates-Drag That Fiddle
10. Mac Magaha featured with Reno & Smiley-Mac's Hoedown
11. Curly Fox-Black Mountain Rag
12. Fiddlin' Arthur Smith-Tulsa Hop
13. Jerry Rivers-Molly And Tenbrooks
14. Fiddlin' Red Herron-Listen To The Mocking Bird
15. Tommy Jackson-Cotton Eyed Joe(Fiddlin' Joe)
16. Mac Magaha featured with Reno & Smiley-Richmond Ruckus
17. 'Curly' Ray Cline featured with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers-Kentucky Fiddler
18. Scotty Stoneman-Talkin' Fiddle Blues
19. Fiddlin' Red Herron-Devil's Dream
20. Fiddlin' Arthur Smith-Louise
21. Joe 'Red' Hayes-Texas Quickstep
22. Howdy Forrester-Trott Along
23. Bob Wills-Beaumont Rag
24. Jerry Rivers-Joys Of Quebec
25. Harry Choates-The Original Jole Blon
26. Chubby Wise-Opry Fiddler's Blues
27. Buddy Spicher & Shorty Lavender-Twin Fiddle Polka
28. Ken Clark-Merry Mountain Hoedown
29. Curly Fox-Whistlewood
30. Benny Martin-Sparta Waltz

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