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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Texas brothers Hugh and Karl Farr were the musicians who brought a bit of Django /
Grappelli style jazz to the records of the Sons of the Pioneers for over twenty years. Here are twenty-five examples of the brothers holding forth with their hot and highly developed instrumental prowess. The first twenty-three tracks are from the collection "Texas Crapshooter" and are from 1930's radio transcriptions. The remaining two tracks are drawn from a 1956 Sons of the Pioneers album on the RCA Victor label (LPM-1130). Thanks again to Andyrama for access to these LPs.
Some great info about the Farr Brothers can be found at the links below:

Click here for a biography of Hugh Farr

Click here for a biography of Karl Farr

NEW - Courtesy author Michael Mendelson:

Click here for a page with PDF files of the original book and notes for the "Texas Crapshooter" LP!


1. 'Deed I Do (Std Q107)
2. Fine Time At Our House (Std MB 2580 A)
3. Farr Into The Night (Ortha 064059)
4. Old Maderia Waltz (Std B 2553 A)
5. Bye, Bye Blues (Std Q107)
6. Skinner's Sock (Std MB 1721 A)
7. Main Street (Std B 2564 A)
8. Oom Pah Rag (Std B 2545 A)
9. Lazy River (Std Q107)
10. Bon Ton Schottische (Ortha 064469)
11. Tom & Jerry (Std B 2553 A)
12. Ragtime Annie (Std B 2545 A)
13. Now Or Never (Ortha 064059)
14. Bluebird Blues (Std M 3062)
15. Prairie Reverie (Std MB 3366 A)
16. Soldier's Joy (Std B 2545 A)
17. Alabamy Stomp (Std 1722 A)
18. Seaside Schottische (Std M 1717)
19. Rye Whiskey Waltz (Std B 2553 A)
20. Desert Hokum (Std M 3373)
21. Karlen Stomp (Std Q109)
22. Whing-Ding (Std MB 1721 A)
23. Texas Crapshooter (Std M 1716)
24. Farr Away Stomp (RCA Victor LPM-1130)
25. Texas Stomp (RCA Victor LPM-1130)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lefty. It's funny, I was just going to digitize this one. Hey, I just posted Farr Brothers - South In My Soul (cattle LP1) at Western Swing on 78. :-)

Unknown said...

The music of the Farr Bros lives on with Farr & Away:


Although admittedly not real actively. I think our next gig is at NWFolklife in Seattle May 23, 2009

Lonesome Lefty said...

maven, do you guys have any recordings? i'm on the other side of the continent, but i'd love to hear you...