Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More hard to find old time music, this time in the form of a 1966 Decca LP from '30's radio transcriptions by Asher and Little Jimmie Sizemore. Asher Sizemore began featuring his son on his depression era radio shows over Nashville's WSM and as a duo they proceeded to become a phenomenon. I found these recordings very enjoyable, and I'm usually not much into "kid" singers. Asher is very much a radio crooner, while Jimmie sounds more old timey. In fact, on "Sweethearts of Strangers" the younger Sizemore's singing reminds me of Sara Carter.

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1. Sweethearts Or Strangers
2. The Last Letter
3. Wildwood Flower
4. I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven
5. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
6. Home In Tennessee
7. By The Grave Of Nobody's Darling
8. Don't Wait Till Mother's Hair Has Turned To Silver
9. Give Me That Old Time Religion
10. Our Indiana Home
11. Jesus Loves Me
12. My Tennessee Home

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Spike Spilker said...

Thanks for this great post! I have been fascinated with the Sizemores since I picked a copy of the 1938 edition of their Family Circle Songs out of someone's yard sale leftover freebies last summer (2008). I especially treasure Don't Wait 'Til Mother's Hair Has Turned To Silver, because it is in the book I found. Sweet!

bets said...

hartelijk dank!