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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just wanted to thank everybody for all the support so far, I really appreciate all the great comments. Thanks as well to all who have linked and posted messages in promotion of the new blog. It makes it feel like the time spent transferring is "worth it".
Here we have the two LPs Bill and Earl Bolick, the Blue Sky Boys recorded new for Starday in the early '60's. Starday had released some old recordings (this album will be featured soon) by the duo and response had been so great the Bolicks were prevailed upon to make new recordings for the label. These two albums, the first one secular, the second gospel, were the result. The gospel album is straight up Blue Sky fare and "Why Should You Be Troubled And Sad" is beautifully haunting, while tracks like "Why Not Confess" are surprises, definately the closest the boys ever got to honky-tonk.

Includes jacket scans.


1. Are You From Dixie
2. In The Pines
3. Don't Trade
4. The Little Paper Boy
5. Why Not Confess
6. The Wednesday Night Waltz
7. Kentucky
8. Just Because
9. Your Brand Will Remain On My Heart
10. Mommie, Will My Doggie Understand
11. Sweetheart Mountain Rose
12. A Satisfied Mind
13. Radio Station S-A-V-E-D
14. Why Should You Be Troubled And Sad
15. Precious Moments
16. My God, Why Have Forsaken Me?
17. Come To The Saviour
18. The Promise Of The Lord
19. The Last Mile Of The Way
20. God Is Still On The Throne
21. The A B C Song
22. Boat Of Life
23. Whispering Hope
24. Beautiful

*download here*


Frank M. Young said...

Your Mediafire link doesn't work, alas... it just churns and churns, but never offers up the download link... tried it 3x on a broadband connection!
Looks like some prime stuff there...

Lonesome Lefty said...

The link seems to work when I try it... Are the other mediafire links working for you? Let me know, we'll see what we can do.

Frank M. Young said...

It's a problem I have with all Mediafire links... I also can't create an account on Mediafire.
I use a Mac, and I've never had problems with Mediafire 'til the 20th. I've tried files on three other blogs, all Mediafire... nothing... just churn, churn, goes for over an hour if I let it. Most peculiar!

Lonesome Lefty said...

i put the blue sky files on badongo as well, here's the link:

Adam Holland said...

This is great stuff! I can't thank you enough.

Please keep up the good work.