Saturday, November 15, 2008

This little gem was a great discovery. I found this in a bargain bin in a local department store, and it seemed interesting. I was blown away by the presentation, selection and remastering of this collection. The recordings span 1906(!) to 1938 and present an anthology of the greatest artists of British Music Hall.
Despite the age of the performances, they are still entertaining, especially as the remastering is so brilliant one never has to strain to hear or follow the songs at all. These are not only the origins of novelty songs, they are really the roots of modern show business as we know it. Amazing. Includes liner scans.


1. Will Fyffe-I Belong To Glasgow (17th October 1929)
2. George Formby - The Window Cleaner (27th September 1936)
3. Gus Elen - 'Arf A Pint Of Ale (2nd December 1931)
4. Charles Penrose - The Laughing Policeman (22nd April 1926)
5. Lily Morris - Don't Have Any More, Missus Moore (6th November 1928)
6. Tessie O'Shea - Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's 40 (2nd November 1928)
7. Stanley Holloway - The Lion And Albert (1932)
8. Harry Lauder - Keep Right On To The End Of The Road (26th October 1925)
9. Charles Coburn - Two Lovely Black Eyes (2nd September 1929)
10. Billy Bennett - The League Of Nations (January 1934)
11. Marie Lloyd - When I Take My Morning Promenade (19th November 1912)
12. Leslie Sarony - Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead! (2nd April 1932)
13. Gus Elen - It's A Great Big Shame (2nd December 1931)
14. Lily Morris - Because He Loves Me (7th June 1929)
15. Charles Coburn - The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Cristo (2nd September 1929)
16. Will Fyffe - I'm 94 Today (17th October 1929)
17. Arthur Askey - The Bee Song (1938)
18. Gus Elen - A Nice Quiet Day (24th May 1932)
19. Billy Bennett - Daddy (24th August 1929)
20. Marie Lloyd - A Coster Girl In Paris (23rd July 1912)
21. The Western Bros. - The Old School Tie (7th June 1934)
22. George Robey - I Stopped ! I Looked! I Listened! (1916)
23. Gus Elen - Wait Till The Work Comes Round (4th September 1906)
24. George Robey - What Was There Was Good (1915)

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Robert said...

Wow...good stuff here. Thanks!

Robert W. Harwood said...

This is a wonderful album! I think it's clear that this stuff was inspiration for McCartney. I've just listened to "The Lion and Albert" - great! I'll be posting a link at:

This is stuff my father, a Yorkshireman, used to tell me about.

Many thanks!

Slabtown said...

You have a wonderful site. What a variety of interesting selections you're posting! Thank you. I'm looking forward eagerly to see what you put up next.